August 4, 2020
10:00 AM

HTTPS://GLOBAL.GOTOMEETING.COM/JOIN/907449013 Access Code: 907-449-013
Telephone: 1/872/240-3212

I. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Roll Call
a. NM CAP Entity Parties
b. Telephone Guests

III. Approval of Today’s Agenda

IV. Approval of Last Two Meeting Minutes:
a. July 7, 2020
b. June 30, 2020

V. Public Comment (limited to 3 minutes, if anyone would like to speak longer than 3 minutes, please make your request to the Chairman at least 6 working days prior to the meeting.)

VI. Old Business
a. Discussion of the JPA of the NM CAP Entity. Discussion; Action or No Action.

VII. New Business
a. One Agenda item and it is the FY 2022 preliminary budget. Discussion; Action or No Action.

VIII. Executive Director Report and Round Table Discussion (NM CAP Entity Members Only)

IX. Next Meeting to be held __________________________

X. Adjourn