Something is stirring in Grant County, New Mexico. In our part of the state, Democratic candidates have enjoyed guaranteed votes for decades. However, a new day is dawning, as Grant County may be turning into one of many New Mexico “rogue counties” after realizing the progressive agenda pushed in Santa Fe. They see an agenda pushed by the current elected leadership that is in direct conflict with their deeply held personal beliefs. They are realizing their party took a radical left turn away from what they hold dear.

Most lifelong residents of Grant County would describe themselves as blue collar Democrats who value family, faith, and living a New Mexican way of life. They are not ashamed of being hardworking and patriotic.

We watched as the 2019 legislative session waged war on nearly every aspect of life that Grant County residents hold dear, including laws directly impacting the largest private employer in the area.

And the attacks against Grant County residents didn’t end there; gun control, open borders, late-term elective abortion, bans on trapping, use of public lands, and PED rules and regulations that favor large school districts. Grant County residents largely oppose all these ideas, yet all are supported by Santa Fe Democrats.

The gente (people) of Grant County are vowing to support new voices for House of Representatives over the long-term incumbent, Rudolpho "Rudy" Martinez.

After voting for gun control, pro-abortion, tax increases, and increased restrictions on uses of public lands, Representative Rudolpho Martinez, who has enjoyed double-digit wins for several cycles, will have to fight to hold his seat in 2020. (It's time for a real change)
Thankfully native resident, business owner and former Democrat Luis Terrazas Jr. has declared his candidacy.

Luis hosted his first fundraiser July 13 and the turnout was unprecedented. Hundreds of residents predominantly registered Democrats. There is real support among Democrats for Luis, because he is an amazing man and gets things done.

It looks like Grant County’s Democrats are ready to take their state back from Santa Fe’s radical liberals.

-Pablito Herrera, the hopeful Chicano