By Larry Behrens, Western States Director for Power the Future

Albuquerque – As New Mexico gets ready to tackle the next state budget, the priorities of Governor Lujan Grisham’s administration are clear: More money to buy electric vehicles, less money to protect senior citizens.

The New Mexico Aging and Long-Term Services Department is making a drastic decision by proposing to cut more than $1.6 million from the Adult Protective Services program which investigates reports of abuse against the elderly. The proposal would mean a cut of nearly 15% in state funding for the program.

In contrast, the state’s General Services Department is asking for an additional $1 million in taxpayer money to buy 28 electric cars for the state motor pool. The state has already spent millions on charging stations and on installing unreliable solar panels on state buildings.

“When you prioritize buying electric cars over funding for senior citizens, it’s clear this administration cares more about appeasing radical environmentalists than taking care of New Mexicans,” said Larry Behrens, Western States Director for Power The Future. “When New Mexicans wonder why there are fewer protections for our senior citizens next year, the Lujan Grisham Administration hopes everyone will take comfort knowing a Santa Fe bureaucrat will have a new electric car to get them to their next meeting.”

Governor Lujan Grisham previously served as Bill Richardson’s Secretary for the Aging and Long-Term Services Department and touted herself as a champion of the elderly during her election campaign.

The budget proposals were presented to the Legislative Finance Committee on Tuesday.