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Letters to Editor

This category will hold letters to the editor, as requested by at least one Beat reader. This editor agrees that letters to the editor should be separate from editorials. Letters to the editor may not reflect the opinions of the editor.

Dear Editor,


Many people are shocked and disgusted by the negativity, the uprising of violence, and domestic terrorism we are seeing in our country. People of good will of all beliefs need to step up and oppose this violence. We have to be in this together and our biggest antidote to this poison is our vote.

When I saw the false advertising, lies, and misinformation about Rebecca Dow, I had had enough. I can’t believe my friends in the Democratic Party have stooped so low.

Many of you know me as a lifelong Democrat who has been an outspoken critic of many Republican Party policies, ideas, and candidates. I disagree with much of what Republicans say or do on a national level and somewhat so on the state and county level here in New Mexico.

Dear Editor,
Although my address reads Nashville, TN – New Mexico will always be my home. I keep up with what is going on in my home state, especially during election years. I care deeply about NM and my friends and family who live there. I write this to say how extremely disappointed I have been with the slanderous advertisements I've seen and heard in regards to Rebecca Dow.

Dear Editor:

The Public Regulation Commission is vital to protect New Mexicans' access to water, power, internet and many other essential services. Every region has specific concerns and should have local representation. Ratepayers need commissioners who are accountable to the taxpayers and not an appointed board whose focus will be on following the governor's agenda. Claims that the commissioners lack the necessary education and professionalism to make good policy decisions are unfounded. The only way to insure "we the people" are fairly represented is through elections not appointments. Vote no on the constitutional amendment to change the PRC.

Chris Mathys 
Las Cruces, New Mexico

To the Editor,

I have known Rebecca Dow for almost two decades. I attended Manzano Christian School, which is connected to Apple Tree Child Development Center. I was able to spend countless nights sleeping over at Rebecca's house because her daughter and I were the same age and were and continue to be close friends.

Why I'm voting early and in person.

While mailboxes are being flooded with absentee ballot requests, here's some facts you should know.

The polls will be open for in person voting this year.

You CAN but do not HAVE to vote absentee.

You can vote in person early or on Election Day.

By voting early and in person

Trump, Ronchetti, Herrell Will Put New Mexico Families First

New Mexico Families have the opportunity to elect politicians who advocate for the "kitchen table issues" that New Mexican Families face every day such as rebuilding a strong economy with economic opportunity for all, a working public and private education system to educate our children to prepare them for the Jobs in a post COVID world, and enforcing law & order to ensure safe communities to raise the next generation.

Dear Editor,

We are the United States of America and we exist only because we were united in defeating an oppressive British rule which politically favored their own East India Trading Company.
We had a common threat and banded together to win our freedom. Many patriots paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives.

The Corona Virus is a common threat no less deadly than that war for our freedom. Healthcare, grocery store clerks and other essential workers are our current day patriots making the sacrifice on the front lines, sometimes paying the ultimate price.

A Message from Rebecca Dow

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Rebecca Dow