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Supporting Clean Water, Economic Prosperity, and the Navigable Waters Protection Rule.

Letter to editor:

Dear Editor,

I really had to do a double take when I saw the March 18 Editorial "The Mythology of Global Warming: Climate Change Fiction vs. Scientific" It really was a current article of March 18 of this year of 2021! Still! I thought the petro industry created "debate" about it was over about a few hundred catastrophic events ago (and counting). While true scientists agree that these events did not necessarily happen because of Climate Change, the severity and frequency of them is highly, highly, probable and likely.

Somewhere around 98% of all climate scientists agree that human induced climate change is real and, yes, an existential threat to life on this big sphere we live on. There are a handful of other "scientists" who claim it isn't real. My question to those who still question the science is: "suppose you start having chest pains and shortness of breath, would you take the word of a few proctologists or dermatologists, or would you take the word of heart specialists that your condition is something to be concerned about?"

B: Judge Erin B. O'Connell and Ernestina R. Cruz, Esq.

Dear Editor,

We have heard time and again about the damaging impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for those in our state already experiencing inequities and other challenging circumstances. Devastating in normal times, domestic violence is increasing and resources that help people experiencing domestic violence are of particular importance as the pandemic surges.

That's where civil legal services comes in. People experiencing domestic violence can seek restraining orders through the civil justice system. But, unlike a criminal case, nobody is guaranteed legal representation in civil cases. Civil legal service providers can help people experiencing domestic violence navigate the court system, apply for a family violence protection order in civil court, and create a COVID-safe plan for supervised visits with children.

We have heard from nonprofit civil legal service providers that the pandemic is making it harder on people who may be isolated with an abuser.

Dear Editor:

I am told that people are being notified that they must get to the vaccination site within 30 minutes of receiving a phone call. What about those of us who live “out a ways.” It takes me 30 minutes just to get to Hwy. 61, then another 30 or more to get to Silver. On top of that my phone reception is spotty.

Am I to be denied my turn at getting vaccinated because of where I live? Would someone like to offer me a way to deal with this problem?

For myself I am grateful to be forewarned. For those who made the policy; they need to take another look at that requirement.

Dawn Gray
Grant County, NM

New Year's Resolutions
With the coming arrival of January 1, many New Mexicans are reflecting on the close of 2020 and looking forward to the beginning of a new calendar year. For many of us, the start of a new year is an opportunity for a new chapter, a chance to recommit to bettering ourselves in some simple way. It may be a resolution to spend more time with loved ones, eat healthier and exercise, learn new skills or achieve a new personal goal.

As your State Representative, the New Year is an opportunity for me to reflect on how I serve you and commit to ways I can improve. To that end, I offer my New Year's Resolutions below to you:

IPANM (Roswell, NM) - IPANM Executive Director Jim Winchester has issued the following statement.

"IPANM (Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico) has serious concerns about the selection of Congresswoman Haaland for the job of Interior Secretary. Ms. Haaland has repeatedly demonstrated contempt towards our industry, especially regarding the need for a balanced approach to public land management. We urge congressional leaders to closely examine her anti-oil & gas record as they consider this selection."



The Republican Party of New Mexico and local candidates have gone to District Court and got a court order to impound absentee and provisional ballots cast during the election that we had a month ago.The State Police have followed the courts direction and done so.

We are appalled and dismayed that two neophytes would choose to impound ballots and cost time and money when it is unnecessary. These candidates could have challenged the ballots through their representative at the time of the counting of the ballots. Republican and Democratic parties witnessed the counting of the ballots.

Sandia Pueblo, N.M. – Today, with the distribution of a life-saving coronavirus vaccination on the horizon, a letter to Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham on behalf of the state’s native elderly seniors implores her office not to overlook some of the state’s most vulnerable populations.  

The letter, sent by Representative Derrick Lente (D-Sandia Pueblo), asks the Governor’s office to take seriously the challenges facing New Mexico’s Tribal citizens, minority multigenerational family households, and rural New Mexico seniors that use elder daycare and senior care facilities. The impacts of COVID-19 have hit these groups exceptionally hard, and without access to more typically urban senior care facilities, there is a real worry that vaccine distribution will not reach those residing in rural parts of the state.  

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