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There is a Great Decision being presented to us, for there are two pandemics in America. One is the virus which we read about everywhere, as we see graphs and predictions about it. The other is just now appearing. It is the Great Recession of 2020-2021. Up to now all we have heard of it, is the rich worrying about their shrinking stock portfolios. But now, we see it in Grant County with unemployment spiking and business closures beginning. When the aid package passed by Congress kicks in, it will help but it will only get us by for a month or two. But this virus will be burdening us well into next year when the vaccine comes out.

Furthermore, Grant County is being hit with both barrels — record high unemployment and — a New Mexico budget that is under attack as crude oil and gas prices are dropping precipitously. And heaven forbid, more job losses may be coming as the mines could be red flagged with the drop in copper prices. On top of that, even as the virus has not yet hit us directly, the Gila Regional Hospital and other medical service centers are running out of money, as so many of us stay away for our routine care. So here we are with two severe pandemics and so little control over them. What can we do?

Coronavirus Plan:
How to Balance the (FY 2020) NM State Budget.
Dear Editor:

With the economy and oil prices taking a dive, New Mexico is in uncharted budgetary waters. Who knows how long the price of oil will be this low and how much revenue New Mexico will lose? The Rio Grande Foundation is carefully considering this issue and has come up with some ideas for balancing the FY 2020 budget. This is the budget now in place which ends at the end of June when the FY 2021 budget begins.

New Mexico faces unprecedented budgetary challenges in light of both the Coronavirus outbreak and dramatic restrictions on business and travel activities as well as the dramatic declines in the price of a barrel of oil. We have previously listed recommendations for dealing with the crisis here.

Letter to the Editor

I see that infrastructure improvements are planned for the Silver City area in the near future. They are always needed. If handled well, this could benefit all who live in Grant County.

A major concern is that once a bid is accepted, the firms have historically “done a job,” but may not have lived up to the terms of contract, and the work is to be redone as soon as the taxpaying public has forgotten the pain and shame of the pathetic results of the last “improvements.” The firm that failed to do the work responsibly walks away without penalty, of course.

Dear Editor:

In the past week or two, the NM Democrat Senators have conducted secret meetings. Only people who they considered stakeholders in the M. H. Dutch Salmon Greater Gila Wild and Scenic River Act Amendment were invited. However, we are all stakeholders (entities who will be affected by this issue), so a number of us invited ourselves to the Wednesday, February 26 meeting at WNMU Miller Library. The amendment focuses on the Gila and San Francisco rivers, but also includes the Mimbres River and Las Animas Creek. The Mimbres River and Las Animas Creek are on the other side of the Continental Divide from the Gila and San Francisco rivers. Portions of them are included on maps showing designated sections. Las Animas Creek flows east towards TorC in Sierra County. Strictly speaking, none of these rivers is navigable. Also, those river segments which occur in Wilderness areas are already protected from degradation. The Middle Box of the Gila in the Burro Mountains is also included as a designated segment. This is where the Freeport McMoRan Gila diversion is located.

Letter to the Editor:

I see where the Silver City Town Council passed a new traffic ordinance making the blocking of a curb-cut which allows handicapped persons access to the sidewalk unlawful, in addition to the blocking of a handicapped parking space, which was already illegal. It seems this blocking action was aimed at, principally, delivery trucks in downtown, where one councilor complained a placard-displaying driver was blocked in and prevented from leaving, and when the delivery truck driver was asked to move to move he refused, saying he was making a delivery.

Please Mr. President, consider helping us rural residents of the State of New Mexico to STOP the designation of our local rivers and streams (The San Francisco and Gila rivers and their water sheds) as Wild and Scenic Rivers.

Local environmental groups and our senators Martin Heinrich and Thomas Udall have initiated the process to start this designation without any input from us local land owners who would be directly affected by this designation.

Dear Editor - - - In this season of great blessing, as I gaze at the photos of my friends and loved ones that have passed, I feel a deep wondering that feels like "What If?"

What if, in the One Great Love, our caring for each other reaches beyond time. What if right now, in this moment, I can feel all the love and hope my parents, grandparents and friends poured into me. What if I can feel it not just in memory but in actuality. It is engulfing me right now. Their prayers are not frozen in time but live on, in and through that Great Love. So that in this precious moment that is now, I am still receiving all that has passed?

Dear editor,

I feel it’s important to speak out against comments made by former Western New Mexico University coach and dean Jim Smith, who was the keynote speaker for the university’s graduation ceremony this month. He told a story about finding girls in a boy’s dorm room decades ago and, as a dean at the time, said he lectured the young men about breaking the rules.