Without Propane as Winter Approaches:

As thousands of customers in the greater Grant County area have discovered, Ikard-Newsom , one of two of our local propane distributors, has been bought by a company out of Texas named Pinnacle Propane. There have been a number of unknown reasons behind Pinnacle's inability to run their newest retail propane acquisition and the net result of their expansion is a lot of homes are without propane. The poor receptionist at the new Pinnacle has been deluged with calls for propane and she has no answer as to when propane service might start. For some folks the situation is dire. With no warning that Ikard=Newsom was closing customers delayed their purchase because of our wonderful weather of late. But it almost froze at my house last night and it looks it's like a pattern of colder weather is setting in.

As of this writing, 1:52 AM (and believe me, I don't want to be awake right now), I don't know of any change in the situation. My wife called again on Friday and the story was the same. So at this point I think some action is order. If you know someone who is in this situation and has a need for winter propane, I suggest that you call one or all of the following numbers:

1-888-490-8896 or
1-800-595-9404 or
866-977-9571 or
512-863-8998 or
972-444-0300 (In Irving, Texas, corporate offices)
I found these numbers on line and I haven't been able to figure out which one to call because it's the weekend and no one is home at Castle Pinnacle (mentally or physically). Everything might be roses this morning (now it's 2:02 AM), but I don't think so.
Let those friends of yours know that if they are without propane to call one of these numbers and ask for DAVID R. STROUPE, VP of Development. Make his day.

Richard Earneart
Grant County NM