Dear editor, 10/21/2018

While researching the candidates for NM House district 38, I came across a post that Rebecca Dow shared on her Facebook page from “truthinaccounting.org”. This group is associated with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) whose sole purpose is to write legislation to benefit its corporate donors. Legislation from them is for the purpose of taking more of working people’s money and funneling it to those wealthy corporations all the while saying it’s to help those of us struggling to make ends meet. The post I saw was talking about the tax “burden” that New Mexican’s have. By framing tax as a “burden”, they want us to think all taxes are bad (and perhaps we should lower THEIR taxes). Is calling the Sheriff or the Fire Department in an emergency is a “burden”? Is driving on smooth paved roads a “burden”? Is the education of our children a “burden”? Is having clean tap water at the twist of a knob in our homes a burden?

While none of us enjoys paying too much in taxes, the issue is really the fairness of our tax system. Is it fair for people with low wages to pay a higher percentage in taxes than those at the top who can really afford to? I don’t think so. It appears Rebecca Dow’s alliances and beliefs are not the same as those of us who work for a living and want a fairer system for our families. I believe we can trust Karen Whitlock to be truthful and fair, and to represent us honestly and is deserving of our vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Sauber
Silver City, NM