Dear Editor,

My opponent and I agree on one thing: misinformation does spread like wildfire during election season.

My opponent, Karen Whitlock, and I have attended several public forums and debates together during the past few weeks. To the best of my recollection, she never directly stated her support for the oil and gas industry or mining as a strong economic driver for New Mexico moving forward. I have not made any claims as to where she stands about the industry.

My position, however, has always been clear: mining is a critical part of our district’s economy, and I support this industry that provides good-paying jobs for many of our local residents. The voters in District 38 don’t have to guess where I stand on this issue.

I also believe we can grow and diversify our economy in New Mexico while supporting our extractive industries. During my time in the Legislature, I have supported efforts to improve growth in areas such as agriculture, tourism, including space tourism, technology development, and alternative energy.

As a state representative, I have fought to strengthen important economic development tools like the Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) and the Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP). These programs have been used to help many local small businesses expand, such as Little Toad Creek Brewery in Silver City. LEDA and JTIP have also helped bring major national corporations like Facebook to New Mexico.

I also fought to protect funding for crucial water improvement projects in Silver City to help modernize the city’s water and sewer infrastructure, provide clean water for residents, and support future economic growth.

My opponent likes to talk about diversifying the economy, but as a small business owner and nonprofit executive, I have an established record of building organizations and creating jobs. I know what it takes to create opportunities and help businesses thrive.

Growing more good-paying jobs is the key to improving our state. As your state representative, I pledge to continue doing all I can to support business development and provide more opportunities for New Mexicans.

Rebecca Dow
Incumbent candidate for NM House District 38
Truth or Consequences, NM