Dear Editor:

Did you know that health care crises are still the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the U.S.?

Private insurance has failed to provide affordable, quality health care for everyone. New Mexico now has an opportunity to establish a health insurance pool to provide comprehensive, quality care to all New Mexicans at affordable premiums. By holding down costs and expanding access, the New Mexico Health Security Act would automatically cover all New Mexicans and save money for the state and its residents. The current bills HB295 and SB279 call for and are contingent on a fiscal analysis, and they would still have to be voted by the legislature once the cost analysis is done. Past analyses have shown millions in savings for the state.

The vote in the New Mexico Senate is particularly crucial and now is the time to call your state senator (John Arthur Smith 575 546-4979 or Gabriel Ramos (575) 388-1969) and tell them to support SB279 the New Mexico Health Security Act.

For more information go to and sign up for action alerts.

Thank you for your attention,

Bill Lindenau

Kingston, NM