Dear Editor:

The Washington Pundit ran a headline that read as follows” New Mexico Passes Law To Execute Babies at Birth. It is a shame that this is what the rest of our nation has as a picture of our state. The bill that they are referring to is HB 51.

This bill if it becomes law will keep abortions legal through the entire nine month pregnancy. When the House of Representatives voted on this bill it was a 40-29 vote. The votes are recorded at nmlegis.gov if you would like to look at the record. The most notable of those voting for this bill is the Governors representative, but not Grant County’s, Rudy Martinez.

As you look at the legislation that is in Santa Fe right now there are some very disturbing things being acted upon. HB 321 which was cosponsored by Rudy Martinez will raise the cost of registering a vehicle in NM by 162%. This is stated right in the bill.

HB337 looks like the making of a dictatorship in NM. Guess who sponsored it. Yep, Rudy Martinez, The synopsis of the bill is as follows:

"House Bill 337 amends 20-2-3 NMSA 1978 by giving the governor discretion on when to utilize the State Defense Force instead of only when the National Guard is unavailable or insufficient. The bill eliminates the age cap (currently 64 years old) for volunteers, allowing the adjutant general discretion to maintain competent and able bodied members within the State Defense Force regardless of physical age. The bill also allows the adjutant general (currently the job of the governor) to prescribe the uniform and insignia of the State Defense Force and allows the adjutant general to detail the State Defense Force during cadre duty for training and other exercises.

I find it strange that Rudy Martinez thinks that he can vote for murder.

Which he did by voting to legalize abortions, for anything that hints of gun control which he did,and also vote for issues that will result in major changes of the mining industry which we here in Grant County rely on.

With Rudy Martinez's voting record, I am amazed that he would be willing to show his face in Grant County at the end of this legislative session. Rudy Martinez, you need to be assured that Grant County will definitively remember you at the next election.

One last thing that was mentioned in the commission meeting was:
Proverbs 29:2
"When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice;
when the wicked rule, the people groan."

We, the people, are groaning.

Randall Isbell
Grant County