Letter to the Editor:

I see where the Silver City Town Council passed a new traffic ordinance making the blocking of a curb-cut which allows handicapped persons access to the sidewalk unlawful, in addition to the blocking of a handicapped parking space, which was already illegal. It seems this blocking action was aimed at, principally, delivery trucks in downtown, where one councilor complained a placard-displaying driver was blocked in and prevented from leaving, and when the delivery truck driver was asked to move to move he refused, saying he was making a delivery.

As a driver who displays a handicapped placard, when I was parked in a handicapped space and blocked in by a delivery vehicle (which has happened once or twice in many years), I waited a few minutes for the delivery vehicle to finish, giving that driver a chance to complete his work rather than force a disruption in his work schedule to accommodate my impatient request. Or, one could talk to the driver and work something out if the wait is going to be long. A little friendliness goes a long way.

This is another example of a minor regulation that also serves to stifle the business community.

Roger Lanse
Arenas Valley