Physical therapists are committed to improving the health of society. We join the Governor in urging New Mexicans to follow the difficult, but medically based orders, to socially isolate and to wear masks.

Our Governor is to be commended for acting swiftly during this pandemic and her actions and orders have received positive national recognition. Medical providers support the Governor's caution in reopening businesses until we know we have enough testing, contact tracing and hospital capacity. Until we have a vaccine to protect us all, our best protection is to listen to the experts.

Arizona State University conducted research which shows that mask wearing alone will not do much to solve the pandemic. But when combined with other measures, such as social distancing, the study shows masks nearly equally protect wearers from both passing on or catching the COVID infection. When we all wear masks, we protect each other. In short, masks help us keep our germs to ourselves.
As physical therapists, wellness and preventive care are part of our scope of practice and thus we thank the Governor for taking effective action to ensure the health of all New Mexicans. Let's all help each other stay healthy by wearing masks. And, let's thank our Governor for following medical science and saving lives.

Beth Black, PT, Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Geriatric Physical Therapy; Albuquerque

Don Blackburn, PT; Bloomfield NM

Genia Devenport, PT, MS; Dexter, NM

Gretchen Johnson, MS, PT, ATC; Santa Fe

Janet Popp, PT, MS; Albuquerque

Karen Lucero, PT, Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy; Albuquerque