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The last member of a pack of endangered Mexican gray wolves in New Mexico's Gila National Forest was intentionally killed in late April, by federal agents acting on behalf of the livestock industry.

Are you outraged? I am. This is an injustice to the individual animal, to the species, and to the majority of New Mexico's tax paying public who want native species living on the land.

The federal government has either intentionally or accidentally killed 43 wolves since 1998 when the 'recovery' program began. To date, there are only 163 wolves north of the Mexican boarder; a paltry number for any species hoping to survive into the future.

If the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service were serious about a true recovery program, they would require ranchers to play their part and be responsible; removing a cow carcass that died by non-wolf causes would be a good start.

I challenge the USFWS to actually promote the recovery of this species by lifting restrictions that are hindering recovery and to demand responsibility from the livestock industry.

We can and must turn things around by commenting on the wolf recovery plan by June 15. Make your voice heard by visiting the USFW website.

Carol Ann Fugagli