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When I saw the false advertising, lies, and misinformation about Rebecca Dow, I had had enough. I can’t believe my friends in the Democratic Party have stooped so low.

Many of you know me as a lifelong Democrat who has been an outspoken critic of many Republican Party policies, ideas, and candidates. I disagree with much of what Republicans say or do on a national level and somewhat so on the state and county level here in New Mexico.

I have known Rebecca Dow for twelve years in my roles as an AmeriCorps Program Director, the Director of Development at Aldo Leopold Charter School, and as a resource development consultant. Although I disagree with some of Rebecca Dow’s political positions, I admire her work on behalf of under-resourced rural communities. In particular, the programs that support teens and early childhood education.

In any other world, Rebecca would be celebrated for her leadership and capability, helping the Appletree Educational Center secure resources and implement early childhood development programming. My hunch is that if Karen Whitlock is sincere in her stated support for early childhood education programs that she and Rebecca would be allies in their desire to increase funding and expand services.

I know firsthand Rebecca is a tireless advocate for children, youth, and families. I am disappointed that Karen Whitlock has to resort to lies and misinformation to sway voters. I thought my fellow Democrats would do better.


David P. Chandler
Silver City, NM

A Message from Rebecca Dow

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Rebecca Dow