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By Blake Curtis

On November the 19 we celebrated National Rural Health Day across the nation. This year more than ever this day was especially important. The COVID-19 pandemic made it abundantly clear that those living in rural America are especially vulnerable to this deadly disease.

This day of recognition not only brings to light the health care issues facing our rural health providers and first responders but to honor their heroic efforts since the COVID-19 virus has ravaged our country.

Dear Editor:

In his column of November 27, Mike Rowse, in the process of discussing voter fraud in the 2020 election, mentions a letter written by Senator Elizabeth Warren to one of the hedge funds that controls a major election machine vendor, in which he says Warren acknowledges instances of voting fraud.

I read that letter, written on 6 Dec 2019, which was written in an effort to get voting machine manufacturers to invest in new equipment and increase security, and found several references to voting machine malfunctions, but not a word about fraud.

Dear Editor,

I would like to congratulate the voters of Grant County for electing Rebecca Dow and seeing past the dirty lies and smear campaign against her.

I find it appalling that someone who studied social work would bring up the painful past of an abused teen for the public to see, all for political gain.

Dr. Joseph Shepard, Dr. Isaac Brundage, and
WNMU Board of Regents:
Janice Baca Argabright, Carl Foster, Mary Hotvedt, and Jerry A. Walz

I am so tired of Western New Mexico University treating us student veterans like second class citizens.

I served in the armed forces with pride, honor, and most importantly dignity. Serving in United States Navy was the most fulfilling honor that I did for this country. With my time, I was blessed to serve side by side with the Marine Corps and on occasion, the Army and Air Force as well. My last duty, I had the privilege to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom both on land and at sea.

Among many other duties, the most honorable duty I had, was having my brothers and sisters of the Marine Corps protect me as we collected the remains of our nation's fallen to get these angels back to the United States so their families and this nation can honor them with love and respect at home.

Dear Editor, 

Tom Shelley
Grant County District 5 Commissioner

My Priorities

• Protect Constitutional Rights/Freedom
• Public Health and Safety
• Recovery from COVID Pandemic
• Flourishing Economy for Grant County
• Transparency and Truth on County Matters and Business
• Take Care of County Citizen and Infrastructure Priorities

My Vision for Grant County

Dear Editor,


Many people are shocked and disgusted by the negativity, the uprising of violence, and domestic terrorism we are seeing in our country. People of good will of all beliefs need to step up and oppose this violence. We have to be in this together and our biggest antidote to this poison is our vote.

When I saw the false advertising, lies, and misinformation about Rebecca Dow, I had had enough. I can’t believe my friends in the Democratic Party have stooped so low.

Many of you know me as a lifelong Democrat who has been an outspoken critic of many Republican Party policies, ideas, and candidates. I disagree with much of what Republicans say or do on a national level and somewhat so on the state and county level here in New Mexico.

Dear Editor,
Although my address reads Nashville, TN – New Mexico will always be my home. I keep up with what is going on in my home state, especially during election years. I care deeply about NM and my friends and family who live there. I write this to say how extremely disappointed I have been with the slanderous advertisements I've seen and heard in regards to Rebecca Dow.

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