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The annual Legislative Session began today as state lawmakers look to hammer out a state budget. In her State of the State Address, Gov. Lujan Grisham announced more programs she'd like, but didn't discuss fiscal details. Lujan Grisham has proposed more spending--an 8.5% increase over last year. If that happens, New Mexico's budget would have ballooned more than 20% in two years. The governor's progressive agenda calls for more funding--but from where? She wants free college tuition and a $320 million Early Childhood Trust Fund. No word on where this revenue stream would come from or what must be sacrificed for her to go on a spending spree. By the way, Governor, you can't count on the oil and gas industry to be a constant cash cow down the road.


SANTA FE, NM— Today marks the first day of the 2020 Legislative Session, beginning at noon with the chambers gaveling in and the Governor making her second State of the State address. The Governor and the Democratic controlled legislature are proposing continued spending increases as the Roundhouse begins its budget focused session. With the Governor’s proposal asking for spending increases to rise to 20% from the last administration and seemingly plateauing oil and gas revenue, this budget will set the tone for the future of New Mexico.

“The Richardson administration ended its tenure with 20% spending increases, and Governor Lujan Grisham seems to be repeating history with the same increases in her first two years,” said House Minority Leader Jim Townsend, “The only difference between the two administrations is that Richardson was not working to dismantle the industry that is paying for these increases.”

Albuquerque, January 15-- The following is a statement from Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce on today's House vote to send two articles of impeachment to the Senate:

 “Today’s impeachment trial vote was nothing less than political grandstanding. The Democrats have no direction and don’t even know who their witnesses will be. They appear to be going through this entire process on a whim. This entire sham will end in the Senate where President Trump will be acquitted because he committed no impeachable offense.”

Santa Fe, NM - Today, Rep. Rod Montoya (R-Farmington) announced he will introduce legislation for the upcoming 2020 Legislative Session establishing a New Mexico Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR). The constitutional amendment, if enacted, will restrict annual spending by state lawmakers and require any future tax increase to be approved by a three-fifths majority in both chambers. Additionally, the amendment would provide taxpayers with annual rebates after spending limits are met. If approved, the constitutional amendment would be placed on the ballot for voter ratification in the 2020 general election.

Since Governor Lujan Grisham was elected, she has supported increasing state spending by $3.7 billion and signed into law one of the largest tax increases in the state’s history. This spending explosion included a 12 percent increase in 2020 for on-going government programs and another 8.4 percent proposed increase for 2021. In addition, the Governor and the Democratic-controlled Legislature have approved and are considering another $2 billion in new spending for one-time projects.

As part of “Starting Strong 2020,” the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) announced recently that we will be partnering with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to bring on a full-time Native American Outreach Organizer. The addition of this position so early in the election cycle will allow DPNM to more effectively engage Native communities and ensure that Native voices are being heard in the Democratic party.

The full description and application instructions for the Native American Outreach Organizer position will be posted this week at https://nmdemocrats.org/opportunities-at-dpnm/.

Read about DPNM’s plans to hire a Native American Outreach Organizer:



Gov. Lujan Grisham backs a Democrat-sponsored Red Flag bill that would allow family, friends and law enforcement officers to petition a judge to have guns temporarily removed from a person who is deemed not safe to possess a firearm. In her press release, Lujan Grisham wrongly said that President Trump supports Red Flag legislation. She quoted him on August 5, 2019 BEFORE he cooled to the idea. Deceitful. Lujan Grisham wants to confuse people to get more support for Red Flag legislation and to anger gun rights supporters to hurt Trump’s electability here in New Mexico. Protect our 2nd Amendment.


And Call for Governor to Work with Sheriffs on Responsible Gun Laws

Santa Fe, NM- House Republicans will fight to protect New Mexican’s 2nd Amendment rights during the upcoming legislative session. The Governor announced today that her administration plans to push red flag gun legislation at the Roundhouse.

“This is essentially the same disregard of New Mexican’s rights that the Governor pushed for last year,” said House Minority Leader Jim Townsend, “After calling New Mexico Sheriffs ‘rogue’ and accusing them of them ‘throwing a childish pity party,’ it seems that this administration is committed to continuing its antagonistic relationship with the gun owning public. We must work with law enforcement to develop common sense laws that protect the public. The criminal actions of a few do not outweigh the rights of law-abiding citizens.”

Lujan Grisham Conveniently Uses a Previous Trump Comment to Confuse the Public on his Gun Control Position

Joint statement from the Republican Party of New Mexico and "Pro-Gun Women."

Albuquerque, January 8—Today Governor Lujan Grisham was simply wrong when trying to justify that President Trump supports Red Flag laws. In her press release supporting proposed legislation for such a law, the governor quotes President Trump’s support on August 5, 2019, BEFORE he cooled to the idea. She’s cleverly deceiving people into thinking he is on board, when in fact it is not true.

More than a month later, on September 12, 2019 the president told a House Republican retreat, “Democrats want to confiscate guns from law-abiding Americans. Republicans will always uphold the fundamental right to keep and bear arms."

It is reprehensible that the governor would deliberately twist the timetable of the president’s comments just to shove this legislation through the Roundhouse.

Governor Lujan Grisham’s tactic is two-fold: to gather more support for red flag legislation by saying “see, even the president is on board and you should be too,” which is flatly incorrect. Secondly, her comments are aimed to deceive and anger gun rights supporters here in New Mexico, seeking to hurt President Trump’s chances of reelection in our state.

"I have spoken with the people of New Mexico all over this great state, and the vast majority of them do not want a Red Flag bill or any other bills that infringe on their rights. Many have also expressed their frustrations with the Governor's constant attacks on the Second Amendment and no longer feel represented by the progressives in New Mexico state government," said Stefani Lord, President and Founder of "Pro-Gun Women."

Gun rights supporters here in New Mexico are very much AGAINST Red Flag laws.

We support the right to bear arms and believe that right shall not be infringed upon.

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