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Artesia, NM – At the start of New Mexico's fiscal year, Governor Lujan Grisham vetoed $150 million of federal CARES Act funding for local municipalities. The veto was one of many that the executive made to House Bill 1, the legislature's emergency solvency measure to counteract the Governor's 20% spending increase in her first two years in office.

The NM GOP wanted to share a heartfelt and perceptive letter written by Rob Wood to New Mexico U.S. Sen. Tom Udall.

Rob expressed his anger and frustration after Udall considered President Trump's decison to go ahead with some national fireworks displays a waste of money. Rob believes our nation is facing a critical juncture, and that we need to do everything we can to drive voters to action.

Here's Rob's letter:

Senator Udall,

Without hope, the heart grows sick. Was it a waste of money to have all those fighter jets fly over to honor hospital workers? We need this even if it does not seem logical to some. My thoughts go out to all the newly nationalized immigrants that stand and recite our Pledge of Allegiance, that you so championed for, that spent years trying to be a part of this great nation and what they must feel when Americans in powerful positions like yourself say we can't afford to celebrate the greatness they sacrificed everything to be apart of. Americans want to know that we are all winners and celebrate accordingly. Obviously, the Senator has never been on a battlefield and felt when gripped with uncertainty the energy one's body fills with as our jets and artillery passes over us when pinned down praying for help. Exhilaration is what I felt coupled with hope.

You are a sick person in your attempt to deny us of the well-earned rockets' red glare and the bombs bursting in the air. Our flag still stands and America needs that reassurance. Your actions expose that you are not a patriot which means you do not represent the values and importance our great nation stands for. You should be kicked out of office for subversive action with the intent to undermine our nation and all that it stands for. Please step aside so the ones that truly love America can walk on by.

Rob Wood

Albuquerque, June 26--The following is a statement from Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce, regarding the governor's decision to put on hold her reopening plan for the state:

Contingency Plan Would Tap Another $750 Million From State Reserves, Further Deepening New Mexico's Fiscal crisis

Albuquerque, June 25—The Republican Party of New Mexico has learned that the budget solvency plan approved by the Democrat-led legislature is disingenuous and could lead to our reserves becoming the lowest in history.

When Democratic lawmakers approved the budget bill, they green-lighted taking $750 million in federal COVID-19 funding to help close the deficit. But use of this money must still be approved by Washington. It cannot be counted on yet.

Roswell, NM- The New Mexico agriculture community is facing unprecedented uncertainty as the Governor's public health orders continue with no indication of decreased restrictions. County Fairs are no exception to the forced shutdown, leading to more than 2,000 New Mexicans, along with all 24 House Republican members to send the Governor a notice outlining their concerns.

New Mexico County Fairs are a vital part of life for rural communities, they represent multi-generational and family-oriented experiences that highlight New Mexico's agricultural economy. The fairs provide a unique opportunity for community members and children to participate in our state's agricultural heritage.

House Republican Caucus statement on 2020 Special Legislative session: "The only positive outcome in this session was the Republican led effort to fix the looming unemployment insurance tax increases due to increased unemployment claims. Together the Republicans, with grassroots activists, produced an amazing effort in support of New Mexico small businesses and forced lawmakers to seriously address the ramifications following the Governor's forced economic shutdown."

Santa Fe- This evening the New Mexico House of Representatives passed House Bill 1 on a party line vote of 46 – 24. House Republicans voted no on the measure because this budget does not address the government spending increases over the past two years and will lead to tax increases and a bleak budget outlook for New Mexicans.

For the past several months, House Republicans have called upon the Governor and Speaker of the House to seriously address the budget crisis and the looming deficits as the state moves forward post-COVID. The current spending plans do little to mitigate the severe loss of revenue the state will face as we all move forward and begin to rebuild the economy.

Albuquerque, June 10—As state lawmakers prepare to address New Mexico's fiscal fiasco next week, the Democrat-led Legislative Council has approved allowing them to sit at home during virtual meetings and be paid before and during the Special Session: this is an insult and another hard slap in the face to all hard-working New Mexicans.

So let's pay ourselves, at home, while the state is going broke. Spend, waste, repeat, as we all face an uncertain fiscal future.

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