It’s hard to believe that these candidates could support something so inhumane and cruel as taking the life of an innocent baby later in pregnancy. A practice that also puts desperate women in extreme danger, including death as in the case of Albuquerque's Keisha Atkins.

Let's be clear. These candidates support elective abortion up to birth, and the abortion lobby is right there with them supporting their campaigns through endorsements and political contributions.

The midterm election is less than two weeks away, with so much at stake for New Mexico families. We encourage you to know the facts about where all the candidates stand. 

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MYTH: Late-term abortions are done for "medically necessary reasons."

FACT: The majority of late-term abortions are done for elective reasons.

MYTH: Late-term abortion is necessary to "save the life of a mother."

FACT: In a true medical emergency, inducing labor or performing a c-section is much safer than performing a dangerous, 4 - 7 day late-term abortion.

Here are the facts about these NM candidates: 

Michelle-Lujan Grisham

Ben Ray Lujan

Martin Heinrich

Deb Haaland

Xochtil Torres-Small