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During the Coronavirus pandemic, the Republican Party of New Mexico encourages everyone to take precautions, practice safe health measures and do what’s required to protect oneself and families. The Party stresses that the health and safety of all New Mexicans are paramount. Therefore, the Party is currently conducting operations and communications remotely. The Party continues its mission and engagement, but will utilize virtual/remote practices for outreach, projects, campaign events and other initiatives.


The Republican Party opposes a request by more than two dozen county clerks to ask the Supreme Court for an emergency order to have a mail-in ballot Primary. The workers say the Coronavirus has put their jobs and the voters' health at risk.

Albuquerque March 26—As the Coronavirus death toll rises and the nation faces its crippled economy, it is reprehensible that in this crisis Senate Democrats blackmailed Republicans into passing a $2 trillion stimulus package to get selfish and gratuitous items. This past week, at the urging of Speaker Pelosi, Democratic Senators used their filibuster powers to block the Republican stimulus bill from moving forward. That bill focused on helping families and saving jobs, businesses and the economy. Republicans had a choice: watch businesses and families go broke or accept Democrats’ wish list that didn’t pertain to the crisis at hand. It is disgraceful that the Democrats’ political theater would supersede true legislative responsibility in these dire times. They were willing to shut down the nation to get their demands.



New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver is encouraging registered voters to request absentee ballots ahead of the state’s June 2 Primary Election. State officials say they're pushing this due to the Coronavirus. We all want to be safe and healthy and take the proper precautions during this pandemic, but absentee ballots are often where voter fraud can happen. We all want free and fair elections in 2020, and ballot integrity is paramount.

Here's the story from the AP

Governor Appears to Be Panicking as She Blames Trump, Despite His Continued Leadership and Help

Albuquerque, March 16-- It's funny how after Michelle Lujan Grisham left Washington, she doesn't seem to know what's going on there. Now she is criticizing President Trump, saying there's a lack of federal help regarding the Coronavirus and that Governors were told to get their own respirators.

Shame on you, Governor. The President clearly explained in his press conference today that speed is most important when it comes to protecting the sick and most vulnerable in this pandemic. He told reporters if states can find them first, get them.

Tonight in Albuquerque City Council will consider a health emergency proposal that could seriously infringe on our rights as citizens. It's all about big government control.

Council will take up legislation that would expand Mayor Tim Keller's “emergency powers” to cover an actual or imminent infectious disease outbreak “that presents an unusual threat to the health or safety of the residents of the City or threatens to unreasonably strain the medical or emergency” resources available.

From the NM House Republicans: The progressives in Santa Fe have taken it upon themselves to attack our constitutional rights. Today Governor Lujan Grisham signed the red-flag gun grab into law. The people of New Mexico need to be aware that their elected representatives have made it clear that special interests are more important than the rights of our citizens.

NM House Republican Leadership

Republican Party of New Mexico Statement on Red Flag Bill Signed

 Albuquerque, February 25--Today the rights of law-abiding New Mexicans were snatched away from them. By penning her name to the Red Flag bill, Gov. Lujan Grisham fired a shot against our Constitutional rights. It looks like special interests outweigh the citizens of New Mexico again. This is a gun grab that violates our 2nd Amendment rights, due process and search and seizure practices and opens the door to all kind of legal problems."This bill was rammed through the legislature with a total disregard of New Mexicans' rights. There were many Constitutional and legal questions surrounding this legislation, and progressive Democrats ignored those from the beginning. This bill is a sham and a slap in the face to all our citizens," said Anissa Tinnin, Executive Director of the Republican Party of New Mexico.

Albuquerque, February 5-- The U.S. Senate today officially acquitted President Trump, finally putting to an end what's been a shameful display of political theater by Democrats in Washington.

This impeachment sham has cost the taxpayers not only money and time, but has deprived Congress of any serious and meaningful work that could have benefited New Mexico and other Americans.

Albuquerque, January 15-- The following is a statement from Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce on today's House vote to send two articles of impeachment to the Senate:

 “Today’s impeachment trial vote was nothing less than political grandstanding. The Democrats have no direction and don’t even know who their witnesses will be. They appear to be going through this entire process on a whim. This entire sham will end in the Senate where President Trump will be acquitted because he committed no impeachable offense.”

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