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Published: 18 April 2022 18 April 2022

Today, New Mexico Gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Dow released a statement in support of increasing transparency in our elections and strengthening voter confidence. She calls for publishing the state's voter rolls, something only currently accessible to politicians and special interest groups, meaning all New Mexicans can hold our Secretary of State and election authorities accountable.

"Voter rolls in New Mexico have only been accessible to elite politicians and special interest groups who can afford to pay $5,400 to access them, but the public is shut out of the process that their tax dollars fund. Secretary Toulouse Oliver should not discriminate against New Mexicans who should have access to the voting records they pay for."

Dow continued…

"Transparency is the best tool we can use to secure our elections. Leaving New Mexicans in the dark only serves to cast an even bigger shadow of doubt on our election integrity. More trust in our electoral system means greater voter participation, something that should be appealing to our Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver. Her pushback to election transparency calls into question the practices her office is using to run our elections. What is she trying to hide?"