clay poker tournament fundraiser jessie thetfordPhoto by Jessie ThetfordThe Silver City CLAY Festival will host its ever-popular annual fundraiser, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament, on Saturday, January 25, 2020 from 3-10pm at the Murray Hotel Ballroom, 200 West Broadway in downtown Silver City, NM.

The Poker Tournament has been an important fundraising event for CLAY Festival since 2013. The best poker chips in the world are made of clay, and players will use the CLAY Festival’s custom-made, casino-quality clay poker chips during the Tournament. The Poker Tournament offers locals and visitors the opportunity to play the popular game of Texas Hold ‘Em and to simultaneously support New Mexico’s premier festival devoted to all things clay.

Texas Hold ‘Em is beloved among poker aficionados. The exact origins of the game are unknown, although the State of Texas formally recognizes Robstown, TX as its birthplace in the early 1900s. Texas Hold ‘Em began to be played in Las Vegas casinos in the 1960s and is now played at casinos and online sites around the world.

In Texas Hold ‘Em, players aim to make the best five-card hand from each player’s two face-down personal cards and five community cards on the table, which are turned over during three rounds. Throughout each game there are four rounds of betting, which allows players to strategize. Texas Hold ‘Em is easy to learn and fun to play – making it one of the most popular forms of poker worldwide.

Registered players will get a value of $10,000 in poker chips at the beginning of the Tournament. Players will be divided into equal numbers, playing for the first time at ROUND tables, and over the course of the afternoon and evening of January 25, the poker marathon will continue until the top ten players remain.

The 2020 Silver City CLAY Festival Poker Tournament will host a maximum of 70 players, aged 21 and over. The final 10 players left standing will get to choose among donated non-cash prizes, including a week-long stay in a condo in Flagstaff, AZ, gifts, services, and additional accommodations from local businesses. The Murray Hotel is offering discounted accommodation to registered players.  Register for the Poker Tournament at and then call the Murray Hotel to book accommodation at 575-956-9400. In order to receive the discounted Murray Hotel room prices for Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday, January 24-26 2020, one must mention the Poker Tournament. 

Tournament player registration opens December 15 at Players make a $50 donation to register – pizza and non-alcoholic beverages are included with registration. Advanced registration is encouraged. If there are any open spots on the day of the Poker Tournament, registration will be available at the door.  

All proceeds from the Poker Tournament will go to support the Silver City CLAY Festival, an annual event in its 8th year. The 2020 CLAY Festival will be held July 13-19 in Silver City, NM. For more information about the CLAY Festival, visit