Impactful legislation passed will make communities safer, protect voting and reproductive rights, uplift children and working families, and invest historic revenue in state’s future

Santa Fe, NM - The first session of New Mexico’s 56th Legislature came to a close at noon today, concluding a productive 60-day session in which House Democrats achieved crucial policy wins for New Mexicans and the state. 

House Democrats passed legislation to address New Mexico’s most pressing needs like improving the safety of communities and children across New Mexico and protecting fundamental freedoms. The historic state budget puts our record revenues to work for New Mexicans today and invests in a sustainable future, while a robust tax reform package will ease the tax burden for families and businesses. 

“From a transformational budget to tax reforms that will uplift working families, I couldn’t be more grateful for all that we achieved this session,” said Speaker of the House Javier Martínez (D-Albuquerque). “It was an honor and privilege to work with colleagues from both sides of the aisle to deliver real results that will improve the lives of New Mexicans today, while making smart investments for the future of our state and generations to come.”

“State legislatures are increasingly on the front lines of protecting our fundamental freedoms,” said House Majority Floor Leader Gail Chasey (D-Albuquerque). “The legislation the House passed this session will protect these freedoms and make immediate and lasting positive impacts for New Mexicans from all walks of life.” 

“In so many arenas, this was a transformational session for New Mexico,” said House Majority Whip Reena Szczepanski (D-Santa Fe). “We stood up for the rights of New Mexicans to access lifesaving healthcare and exercise their constitutional rights, while also advancing smart, innovative policies to create new jobs, lower everyday costs, and make it easier for working families to get ahead.”

“Investing in our kids is the best investment we can make in New Mexico’s future,” said House Majority Caucus Chair Raymundo Lara (D-Chamberino). “This session we passed legislation to support our children from early childhood all the way to higher education, and every step in between charting a path for every New Mexican student to succeed.”

House Democrats’ Key Achievements in the 2023 Legislative Session
Bills below have passed both chambers. Asterisk indicates the Governor has signed the bill as of Sine Die.

Community Safety 

HB 2: General Appropriations Act - Ensure the safety of communities by funding a set of smart, comprehensive solutions that provide our police with the resources they need today, while investing in proven programs to deter future crime by tackling its root causes. 

Sponsored by Rep. Nathan Small (D-Las Cruces) and Meredith Dixon (D-Albuquerque)

*HB 9: Unlawful Access to a Firearm by a Minor (Bennie’s Bill) - Protects kids from gun violence and senseless tragedies by holding adults accountable for reckless storage of firearms.

Led by sponsors Rep. Pamelya Herndon (D-Albuquerque), Sen. President Pro Tem Mimi Stewart (D-Albuquerque), Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero (D-Albuquerque), Sen. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez (D-Albuquerque), and Rep. Joanne Ferrary (D-Las Cruces)

HB 234: Robbery and Organized Retail Crime - Supports New Mexico businesses, workers, and community safety by cracking down on organized retail crime.

Sponsored by Speaker Javier Martínez (D-Albuquerque), Rep. Marian Matthews (D-Albuquerque), and Rep. Natalie Figueroa (D-Albuquerque)

HB 357: Law Enforcement Workforce Building Fund - Establishes a fund to help recruit and retain local law enforcement officers, supported by $32.5 million in the budget.

Sponsored by Rep. Meredith Dixon (D-Albuquerque), Minority Leader Ryan Lane (R-Aztec), Reps. Dayan Hochman-Vigil (D-Albuquerque), Gail Armstrong (R-Magdalena), and Joy Garratt (D-Albuquerque)

HB 306: Purchase of Firearms for Another - Makes it a felony to knowingly buy a gun for someone who can’t legally own it or intends to use it for a crime.

Sponsored by Minority Leader Ryan Lane (R-Aztec), Rep. Andrea Reeb (R-Clovis), and Majority Caucus Chair Ray Lara (D-Chamberino) 

Education & Child Wellbeing

HB 126: School Graduation Requirements - Allows greater customization of curriculum and increases focus on postsecondary opportunities to prepare students for life after high school.

Sponsored by Rep. G. Andres Romero (D-Albuquerque), Minority Leader Ryan Lane (R-Aztec)

*HB 130: K-12 Plus Program - Extends learning time for New Mexico students, including embedded professional development time for teachers, supported by $252 million in the budget.

Sponsored by Rep. Joy Garratt (D-Albuquerque), G. Andres Romero (D-Albuquerque), Sen. President Pro Tem Mimi Stewart (D-Albuquerque) 

HB 2: General Appropriations Act 

  • Includes an 8% increase for public schools, totaling $302 million, focused on improving the quality of student instruction 
  • Fully funds the Opportunity Scholarship
  • Provides 6% raises for teachers 
  • Appropriations to the Early Childhood and Education Care Department up $135 million
  • 6% increase in funding for CYFD, with $7.6 million dedicated to modernizing the state’s system and funding to fill hundreds of existing and new social worker positions.

Sponsored by Rep. Nathan Small (D-Las Cruces) and Meredith Dixon (D-Albuquerque)

*HB 148: Early Childhood Dept. Tribal Agreements - Ensures coordination with tribal communities on early childhood programs with linguistically relevant standards.

Sponsored by Rep. Derrick Lente (D-Sandia Pueblo), Rep. D. Wonda Johnson (D-Church Rock)

HB 280: American Indian Ed Tech Assistance Centers - Establishes centers to provide technical assistance for tribal education entities and communities.

Sponsored by Rep. Derrick Lente (D-Sandia Pueblo)

HB 134: Menstrual Products In School Bathrooms - Places free menstrual products in school bathrooms.

Led by sponsors Rep. Christine Trujillo (D-Albuquerque), Rep. Kristina Ortez (D-Taos), Rep. Tara Lujan (D-Santa Fe), Rep. Linda Serrato (D-Santa Fe)

HB 533: School Group Insurance Contributions - Increases employer contributions to health insurance coverage for teachers and school employees, reducing their financial burden.

Sponsored by House Majority Caucus Chair Ray Lara (D-Chamberino) and Rep. Natalie Figueroa (D-Albuquerque)

*HB 127: Education Assistant Salary Increase - Increases salaries to a minimum of $25,000.

Led by Rep. Susan Herrera (D-Embudo), Brian Baca (R-Los Lunas), Willie Madrid (D-Chaparral), Debra Sariñana (D-Albuquerque), and Christine Trujillo (D-Albuquerque)

HB 216: LESC Public Education Study - Expands the scope of work of the Legislative Education Study Committee to include the study of New Mexico’s entire public school system.

Led by sponsors Reps. G. Andres Romero (D-Albuquerque), Patricia Roybal Caballero (D-Albuquerque), Christine Trujillo (D-Albuquerque), Candy Ezzell (R-Roswell), and Tanya Mirabal Moya (R-Valencia)

HB 337: Early Childhood Dept. Background Checks - Mandates that all Early Childhood Department staff, volunteers, and contractors must undergo background checks when applying for licensure, to open a child care facility, or to work at a licensed child care facility.

Sponsored by Rep. Linda Serrato (D-Santa Fe) 

Health Care

HB 2: General Appropriations Act - Increases Medicaid funding by $246 million and uses $21 million of opioid settlement revenue to expand telehealth, substance use research and treatment, and housing. 

Sponsored by Rep. Nathan Small (D-Las Cruces) and Meredith Dixon (D-Albuquerque)

HB 547: Tax Changes - Expands the Rural Healthcare Practitioner Tax Credit to benefit more providers, distributes alcohol tax revenue to Alcohol Harms Alleviation Fund, and expanded Child Income Tax Credit, providing relief for working families. 
Sponsored by Rep. Derrick Lente (D-Sandia Pueblo)

HB 400: State-Administered Health Coverage Plan - Studies expansion of Medicaid to allow residents to purchase an affordable plan if they earn too much to qualify for a current program.

Sponsored by Majority Whip Reena Szczepanski (D-Santa Fe), Speaker Javier Martínez (D-Albuquerque), Sen. Siah Correa Hemphill (D-Silver City), Sen. Leo Jaramillo (D-Española), and Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero (D-Albuquerque)

SB 51: Cost-Sharing Contributions For Prescriptions - Lowers out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions by requiring pharmacies pass along any discounts received to the consumer

Sponsored by Sen.  Liz Stefanics (D-Cerrillos) and Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Albuquerque)

*HB 27: Breast Exam Health Coverage - Eliminates out-of-pocket costs for cancer screenings.

Sponsored by Rep. Christine Chandler (D-Las Cruces), Sen. Liz Stefanics (D-Cerrillos), and Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Albuquerque)

SB 7: Rural Health Care Delivery Fund - Provides grants to build or expand rural facilities.

Sponsored by Sen. Liz Stefanics (D-Cerrillos), Rep. Gail Armstrong (R-Magdalena), Rep. Marian Matthews (D-Albuquerque), and Sen. Pete Campos (D-Las Vegas)

HB 209: Health Professional Loan Repayment - Expands eligibility for loan repayment to all physicians working in medically-underserved areas and extends service commitment by a year.

Sponsored by Reps. Kristina Ortez (D-Taos), Gail Armstrong (R-Magdalena), Joshua Hernandez (R-Rio Rancho), Natalie Figueroa (D-Albuquerque), and House Majority Whip Reena Szczepanski (D-Santa Fe)

SB 523: Medical Malpractice Changes - Adjusts coverage limits and claims caps for independent outpatient facilities to lower malpractice insurance costs and help retain providers.

Sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth (D-Santa Fe), Senate Minority Leader Gregory Baca (R-Los Lunas), Speaker Javier Martínez- (D-Albuquerque), and House Minority Leader Ryan Lane (R-Aztec)

HB 131: Prosthetic & Custom Orthotic Device Coverage - Requires insurance coverage of prosthetic and custom orthotic devices, including those designed for physical activity.

Led by sponsors by Reps. Liz Thomson (D-Albuquerque), Kathleen Cates (D-Rio Rancho), Joshua Hernandez (R-Rio Rancho), John Block (R-Alamogordo), and Sen. Siah Correa Hemphill (D-Silver City) 

SB 132 : STI Prevention & Treatment - Eliminates out-of-pocket costs for the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, regardless of a patient’s gender identity.

Sponsored by Sen. President Pro Tem Mimi Stewart (D-Albuquerque) and Rep. Kristina Ortez (D-Santa Fe)

SB 310: Mental Health Crisis Triage Centers - Expands Mental Health Crisis Triage Centers in New Mexico to treat those in crisis, as well as authorizing peace officers to bring individuals to these centers for evaluation, rather than having to take them to the E.R. or jail.

Sponsored by Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino (D-Albuquerque) and Doreen Gallegos (D-Las Cruces)

HB 446: Long-Term Care Facility Dementia Training - Enhances staff training requirements. 

Sponsored by Rep. Linda Serrato (D-Santa Fe)

HB 53: Delivery Of Necessary Diabetic Resources - Requires insurance to cover essential diabetic equipment, helping make self-management of diabetes possible. 

Sponsored by Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Albuquerque)

HB 75: Chiropractic Services Insurance Coverage - Requires that insurance coverage of chiropractic services be no more costly or restrictive than primary care doctor visits.  

Sponsored by Rep. Dayan Hochman-Vigil (D-Albuquerque)

Human Rights & Equity

HB 4: New Mexico Voting Rights Act - Enacts commonsense reforms to protect the voting rights of eligible New Mexicans and protect the security of our elections.

Led by sponsors Speaker Javier Martínez (D-Albuquerque), House Majority Leader Gail Chasey (D-Albuquerque), Sen. Katy Duhigg (D-Albuquerque), Rep D. Wonda Johnson (D-Church Rock), and House Majority Caucus Chair Raymundo Lara (D-Chamberino)

*HB 7: Reproductive and Gender Affirming Health Care Act - Protects access to reproductive and gender-affirming health care across New Mexico by prohibiting counties and local municipalities from denying, restricting, or discriminating against a person’s right to care.

Led by sponsors Reps. Linda Serrato (D-Santa Fe), Charlotte Little (D-Albuquerque), Kristina Ortez (D-Taos), House Majority Whip Reena Szczepanski (D-Santa Fe), and Rep. Janelle Anyanonu (D-Albuquerque)

HB 207: Expand Human Rights Act - Expands discrimination protections.

Led by sponsors Reps. Kristina Ortez (D-Taos) and Andrea Romero (D-Albuquerque), Sen. Carrie Hamblen (D-Las Cruces), Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth (D-Santa Fe), and Rep. Linda Serrato (D-Santa Fe) 

HB 31: No Publication Required For Name Changes - Protects the safety and privacy of New Mexicans seeking to legally change their name. 

Sponsored by Rep. Christine Chandler (D-Las Cruces) 

*SB 64: No Life Sentence For Juveniles - Eliminates life sentences for young offenders and allows parole hearings after 15-25 years.

Sponsored by Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez (D-Albuquerque), House Majority Floor Leader Gail Chasey (D-Albuquerque), Sen. Bill B. O'Neill (D-Albuquerque), Rep. Kristina Ortez (D-Taos), and Rep. Janelle Anyanonu (D-Albuquerque)

HB 139: Flexibility in Fines and Fees - Ensures that courts consider an individual’s ability to pay when imposing fines and fees, so defendants can meet their obligations without unreasonable financial burden which could inadvertently encourage recidivism.

Sponsored by Rep. Micaela Lara Cadena (D-Mesilla) 

HB 389: No ID Card Fee For Homeless Individuals - Removes ID card fee for homeless individuals. 

Sponsored by House Majority Caucus Chair Raymundo Lara (D-Chamberino) 

HB 40: Non-traditional Communication Registry - Creates a statewide registry to identify vehicles with occupants who may be unable to respond appropriately to police commands.

Sponsored by Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Albuquerque)

HB 15: Special Immigrant Juvenile Classification - Creates a path for young migrants, for whom returning to their home country is not in their best interest, to safely stay in the U.S.

Sponsored by Rep Andrea Romero (D-Santa Fe), Sen. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez (D-Albuquerque), Sen. Linda M. Lopez (D-Albuquerque), and Reps. Yanira Gurrola (D-Albuquerque) and Eleanor Chávez (D-Albuquerque)

HB 314: Cannabis Record Expungement - Streamlines expungement of criminal records for acts no longer prohibited with the legalization of adult-use cannabis.

Sponsored by Rep Andrea Romero (D-Santa Fe) and Speaker Javier Martínez (D-Albuquerque)

*HB 274: American Asian, Pac. Islander & Hawaiian Day - Establishes AAPIH Day in recognition of this group’s cultural, economic, and contributions to New Mexico.

Sponsored by House Majority Whip Reena Szczepanski (D-Santa Fe), Rep. Janelle Anyanonu (D-Albuquerque), House Majority Leader Gail Chasey (D-Albuquerque), Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero (D-Albuquerque), Senate President Pro Tem Mimi Stewart (D-Albuquerque)

HB 161: Intertribal Indian Ceremonial Association - Supports annual Intertribal Ceremony.

Sponsored by Rep. D. Wonda Johnson (D-Church Rock) 

Workers & Veterans

HB 547: Tax Changes - Makes tax policy more equitable, provides relief for working families, eases tax burdens for small businesses and veterans, and supports climate goals.

  • Cuts Personal Income Tax rates for all New Mexicans. 
  • Reduces the Capital Gains Tax break that overwhelmingly benefits the highest earners
  • Flattens the Corporate Income Tax, making sure companies contribute their fair share 
  • Reduces New Mexico’s overall Gross Receipts Tax rate by 0.5% over the next 5 years
  • Expands LICTR to assist more families
  • Provides tax rebates to all New Mexicans 
  • Increases the refundable Child Income Tax Credit for households who need it most
  • Doubles the tax credit for parents who adopt a child with special needs 
  • Provides a new tax exemption for military retirement pay

Sponsored by Rep. Derrick Lente (D-Sandia Pueblo)

HB 304: Public Employee Retirement Needs Trusts - Allows public pension funds to be left to a supplemental needs trust, for the purpose of supporting a beneficiary with a disability.

Led by sponsors Majority Leader Gail Chasey (D-Albuquerque), Rep. Elizabeth "Liz" Thomson (D-Albuquerque), Rep. Tara L. Lujan (D-Santa Fe), Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino (D-Albuquerque), & Sen. President Pro Tem Mimi Stewart (D-Albuquerque)

HB 106: Increase Public Employee Pension Max - Raises the maximum amount of a pension benefit from 90% to 100% of an employee’s final average salary.

Led by sponsors by Reps. Eliseo Alcon (D-Albuquerque), Patricia Roybal Caballero (D-Albuquerque), Bill Rehm (D-Albuquerque), Harlan Vincent (R-Glencoe), Luis M. Terrazas (R-Santa Clara) 

HJR 5 & 6 - Extend and Expand Veteran Property Tax Exemption - Allows New Mexico voters to consider increasing the amount of this exemption and expanding to additional veterans.

Sponsored by Reps. Eliseo Lee Alcon (D-Milan), Harry Garcia (D-Grants), John Block (R-Alamogordo), Alan Martinez (R-Bernalillo), and Patricia Roybal Caballero (D-Albuquerque)


HB 2: General Appropriations Act - Dedicates $489.5 million to state agencies to help with enforcement and oversight of environmental regulations. It also allocates $50 million to establish the Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund, a new permanent fund for conservation.

Sponsored by Rep. Nathan Small (D-Las Cruces) and Meredith Dixon (D-Albuquerque)

*SB 6: Hermit's Peak-Calf Canyon Fire Recovery Funds - Provides no-interest loans for communities recovering from the largest wildfire in New Mexico history.

Sponsored by Sen. Pete Campos (D-Las Vegas), Reps. Ambrose Castellano (D-Las Vegas), Joseph Sanchez (D-Las Vegas), Sen. Liz Stefanics (D-Cerrillos) and Rep. Tara Lujan (D-Santa Fe) 

*SB 53: Storage Of Certain Radioactive Waste - Prohibits storage of nuclear waste in New Mexico without the state’s consent, protecting NM from the hazards of radioactive waste.

Sponsored by Sen. Jeff Steinborn (D-Las Cruces), and Reps. Matthew McQueen (D-Galisteo)), Debra Sariñana (D-Albuquerque), and Patricia Roybal Caballero (D-Albuquerque)

HB 142: Generating Facility And Mine Remediation - Study environmental contamination of lands and waters adjacent to the facility and develop a restoration and reclamation plan. 

Sponsored by Rep. Anthony Allison (D-Fruitland), House Majority Whip Reena Szczepanski (D-Santa Fe), and Rep. Marian Matthews (D-Albuquerque)

*SB 1: Regional Water System Resiliency - Allows public water services to consolidate, helping them reach economies of scale, professionalize, and address infrastructure issues.

Sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth (D-Santa Fe), Sen. Liz Stefanics (D-Cerillos), and Rep. Susan Herrera (D-Embudo) 

HB 525: Water Project Fund Projects - Authorizes loans and grants for water projects.

Sponsored by Reps. Susan Herrera (D-Embudo) and Candy Ezzell (R-Roswell)

HB 95: Renewable Energy Office in State Land Office - Establishes the Office of Renewable Energy within the State Land Office to help institutionalize renewable energy production on New Mexico’s public lands.

Sponsored by Reps. Tara Lujan (D-Santa Fe) and Debra Sariñana (D-Albuquerque) 

HB 228: Improvement Special Assessment Act - Enhances incentives for building developments and renovations that improve resilience, energy efficiency and water conservation.

Sponsored by Reps Linda Serrato (D-Santa Fe) and Nathan Small (D-Las Cruces) 

HB 547: Tax Changes - Creates refundable tax credits for New Mexicans who purchase electric vehicles, as well as tax credits for energy storage systems and geothermal energy. 

Sponsored by Rep. Derrick Lente (D-Sandia Pueblo)

Economic Development

HB 2: General Appropriations Act - Promotes economic diversification with an 11.3% increase in funding to the Economic Development Department

Sponsored by Rep. Nathan Small (D-Las Cruces) and Meredith Dixon (D-Albuquerque)

HB 8: Creative Industries Division in EDD - Creates division in the EDD to spur the growth of New Mexico’s creative industries and diversify the state’s economy.

Sponsored by House Majority Whip Reena Szczepanski (D-Santa Fe), Senator Jeff Steinborn (D-Las Cruces), Rep. D. Wonda Johnson (D-Church Rock), Rep. Tara L. Lujan D-Santa Fe)-Santa Fe) 

HB 118: Create Office Of Entrepreneurship - Creates an Office of Entrepreneurship in EDD to provide greater support and resources for budding business owners in New Mexico.

Led by sponsors House Minority Leader Ryan Lane (R-Aztec) and Reps. Meredith Dixon (D-Albuquerque), Linda Serrato (D-Santa Fe), Joshua Hernandez (D-Rio Rancho), and Doreen Gallegos (D-Las Cruces) 

Government & Ethics

HB 169: Disclosure Of Legislative Ethics Complaints - Updates process for complaints filed against lawmakers or legislative staff to remove one-sided confidentiality statute.

Sponsored by House Majority Whip Reena Szczepanski (D-Santa Fe), Rep Christine Chandler (D-Los Alamos), Sen. Joseph Cervantes (D-Las Cruces) and Senate Pro Tem Mimi Stewart (D-Albuquerque)

HB 466: Ethics Commission Jurisdiction - Brings greater objectivity to complaint evaluations.

Sponsored by Reps. Greg Nibert (R-Roswell) and Andrea Romero (D-Santa Fe) 

HB 232: Disclosure Of Certain Info - Exempts certain cybersecurity records and law enforcement video with sensitive images from public records requirements. 

Sponsored by Rep. Debra Sariñana (D-Albuquerque), Sen. Daniel A. Ivey-Soto (D-Albuquerque), and Reps. John Block (R-Alamogordo) and Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) 

SB 58: Interstate Stream Commission Members - Revises membership requirements and qualifications for the Commission, including ensuring tribal representation.

Sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth (D-Santa Fe) and Rep. Matthew McQueen D-Galisteo)

HB 184: State Game Commission Changes - Brings wider representation to the Commission.

Sponsored by Rep. Matthew McQueen (D-Galisteo) and Sen. Crystal Diamond (R-Elephant Butte)

Infrastructure & Transportation

HB 160: Broadband Infrastructure - Helps expand broadband access across the state.

Sponsored by Rep. Christine Chandler (D-Los Alamos), Sen. Michael Padilla (D-Albuquerque), and Reps. Natalie Figueroa (D-Albuquerque) and Gail Armstrong (R-Magdalena)

HB 2: General Appropriations Act - Appropriates $230 million in special appropriations for state and local roads, $55 million for airports, and $124 million to the Office of Broadband Access and Expansion for implementation of the statewide broadband plan.

Sponsored by Rep. Nathan Small (D-Las Cruces) and Meredith Dixon (D-Albuquerque)

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