Message from Pharmacists: Remove barriers to care so we can be fully prepared to meet the demand of those affected by COVID-19

The National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS), an organization that represents traditional drug stores, supermarkets and mass merchants with pharmacies, has sent a letter to the White House, Congressional leadership and Governors across the nation urging them to immediately take the following actions to ensure that pharmacies are not hamstrung by unnecessary restrictions in delivering care during this crisis:

Ensure pharmacies can remain open using all means, including central fill sites, technology, out-of-state professionals and other actions:

Authorize pharmacies to provide COVID-19 testing and treatment in states
Ensure expanded access to pharmacy care to reduce pressures on hospitals and urgent clinics.
Community pharmacies have played a major role in supporting expanded access to care and pharmacy continuity in some of our biggest national crises. These recommendations are intended to remove barriers to patient care and access, and ensure pharmacy continuity and the ability of pharmacists to legally meet the rising demands on the healthcare system.

Letter: https://www.nacds.org/pdfs/government/2020/NACDS-OpenLetter-3-24-2020.pdf

“Pharmacies are on the front lines of this crisis, and our pharmacists are a highly trained army of professionals that serve the healthcare needs of millions of Americans each and every day," Steven C. Anderson, President and CEO of NACDS, said. "This crisis arrived urgently at the doorstep of our pharmacies, and we urge the President, Congress, and Governors to act swiftly to remove barriers that enable our pharmacists to serve Americans in need of care.”

About the National Association of Chain Drug Stores

The National Association of Chain Drug Stores represents traditional drug stores, supermarkets and mass merchants with pharmacies. Chains operate nearly 40,000 pharmacies, and NACDS’ 80 chain member companies include regional chains, with a minimum of four stores, and national companies. Chains employ nearly 3 million individuals, including 155,000 pharmacists. They fill over 3 billion prescriptions yearly, and help patients use medicines correctly and safely, while offering innovative services that improve patient health and healthcare affordability. NACDS members also include more than 900 supplier partners and over 70 international members representing 21 countries. To learn more, visit the NACDS website here.