sheila hudmanOn-the-job training or a solid list of outstanding experience? That’s what you will be voting on during the election for County Commissioner of District 1.

With the tremendous issues standing before the Grant County Commission... qualified, proven experience and leadership is needed to successfully move Grant County forward as a great place to live, work and play. As Village Clerk of Santa Clara,

Sheila Hudman has demonstrated time and time again that she has the knowledge, the ability, and the skills to facilitate the revitalization of not only her community, but all of Grant County.

During her tenure as Village Clerk, Sheila has helped her community secure the National Guard Armory for the Village of Santa Clara. Sheila played an important role in the development and implementation of the beautification project for downtown Santa Clara. Working with the Village of Santa Clara’s various departments and the town councilors, Sheila’s hard work and dedication proved to be a huge asset:

• in the revitalization and the beautification of downtown Santa Clara
• the funding and construction of the Santa Clara Splash Park
• procurement of the National Guard Armory for the Village of Santa Clara
• enticing General Dollar Store to build and open a store in Santa Clara
• obtaining the funding and agreements for Americorps and other groups to
preserve buildings and infrastructure at historic Fort Bayard.

Sheila’s hard work for the citizens of Santa Clara and the surrounding areas was noticed by the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs when they awarded Sheila the 2018 Heritage Preservation Award for her leadership and passion to preserve culture and history while moving the community forward.

Sheila has obtained grants totaling over $8 million dollars for local projects. She continues to help with a regional water plan and works with the New Mexico Department of Transportation on a multi-use walking path that will eventually link Santa Clara, Bayard and Hurley.

There will be no “on-the-job training” for Sheila Hudman. She will bring her knowledge, experience, and problem-solving skills to the Grant County Commission once elected.

“I want to work for you. I will work hard for what we need. I will be the voice for my constituents. I will work diligently to ensure that District 1 residents have the quality of life they expect and deserve. Please vote for me... Sheila Hudman to be your next District 1 Grant County Commissioner.”