Elections 2019

This category will feature announcements from candidates running for office in the Grant County elections on Nov. 5, 2019. Some are countywide positions and some are municipal positions. 

20191014 094605 film4I am John L. Merino and I am running as the incumbent Supervisor 2 for the Grant Soil and Water Conservation District.

I was born and raised on a ranch and farm in Mimbres, New Mexico.

I paid my way through college by working as a firefighter on the Gila National Forest, and other Forests.

I am recently retired and have since have moved back to property I own in the Mimbres Valley.

I am a licensed Professional Civil and Structural engineer in the State of NM and have been since the early 80's.

dusty huntDuston L. Hunt Jr., better known as Dusty, is declaring his candidacy for supervisor, position no. 5, on the Grant Soil & Water Conservation District. Dusty was born in Silver City and has lived in Grant Co. most of his life. He farms and ranches at Mangas Springs.

Dusty has an undergraduate degree in Zoology and Chemistry from Western New Mexico University and a masters in Wildlife Management from New Mexico State University. He worked as a deer and elk biologist for New Mexico Game & Fish. Over a period of eight years he was stationed in Las Cruces, Taos and Reserve NM. He came home to Grant County in 1982 to build a life as a cattle rancher. Dusty became a Grant Soil & Water Supervisor in 1988. He was appointed to the New Mexico Soil & Water Conservation Commission by Governor Gary Johnson in 1994. He was reappointed by Governors Richardson and Martinez. “Being a Soil & Water Supervisor has been one of the more gratifying things I have ever done” Hunt said. He was the primary grant writer and the districts point person for the Mangas Water Quality project. In partnership with the Forest Service, the Mangas project delineated and funded the prescribed burning of 55,000 acres in the Burro Mountains and the construction of 250 gully plugs.

ty bays

Tyson "Ty" Bays is running for Grant Soil and Water Conservation District position 1.

I am a lifetime rancher in Grant County, with a passion for preservation of the agriculture industry and culture in Grant County.

One way to preserve agriculture is to promote conservation methods that keep our agriculture lands productive and restore those that need help. This in nutshell is the mission of Soil and Water Conservation Districts. This idea was setup after the dustbowl days in the 1930s, when our government became concerned about preserving a stable food supply for the U.S. These were dark days for the U.S. that was reeling from the effects of the Great Depression and a long-term drought that along with poor agriculture practices jeopardized our Nation's domestic food supply. Our Nation's stable and bountiful food supply helped our Nation win WWII and become the most prosperous Nation on earth.

franklin owensGrant County, NM --- Don “Jesse” Franklin-Owens has formally announced his candidacy for GSWCD Position 5. This is a District wide at-large position that will represent all of Grant County, except south of Hwy. 10.

The Supervisors are responsible for conserving and protecting the natural resources within the district. Jesse wants to bring a new voice to the table to better represent all the residents of the district. He believes science needs to be brought to the foreground regarding Climate Change, apex predators impacts on ecosystems, watershed improvements and water conservation. He also wants more visibility and transparency brought to the GSWCD meetings. He looks forward to constructive, respectful dialogue with those that have both similar and different points of view as he works towards solving the needs of the community.