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B.C. Comic for February 18, 2020

February 18, 2020 Comics
BY: Mason Mastroianni, Mick Mastroianni, and Johnny Hart

Elections 2020

This will feature announcements of candidacy of people running for office in 2020, which includes statewide, district, county and municipal elections. 

Ronchetti will seek the Republican nomination in the race

Albuquerque, NM - Today, longtime Albuquerque meteorologist Mark Ronchetti announced that he will run for U.S. Senate in New Mexico. Ronchetti, who has served as chief meteorologist at Albuquerque’s CBS-affiliated news station for 13 years, will seek the Republican nomination in the race.

“Like all New Mexicans, I want my kids to grow up in an America where opportunities are created right here in New Mexico – where the American dream is as strong today as it’s ever been. I’m concerned that Washington is standing in the way of that bright future,” said Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Mark Ronchetti. “Sadly, politicians like Congressman Ben Ray Lujàn are focused more on fighting one another than fighting for us – and that’s why I couldn’t sit on the sidelines anymore.”

michael renteriaMichael R. Renteria (Democrat) is announcing his candidacy for the position of District Attorney for the 6th Judicial District of New Mexico. As your next District Attorney, Mike’s promise to the people is to restore trust and integrity to this office. Community Safety will come before personal ego. Teamwork, collaboration and mentorship will be utilized to restore confidence and success in the District’s prosecution of cases.

Mike will accomplish this by:
1. Providing leadership through professionalism, integrity and transparency in government. Elected officials are entrusted by the people to serve the community.

gabriel ramosSilver City, NM – Today, Senator Gabriel Ramos announces his intention to seek election on his current appointment as the New Mexico Senator District 28, (Grant, Catron and Socorro) seat. Senator Ramos has been successfully fulfilling this leadership role which was vacated on January 1, 2019 by Lieutenant Governor-elect Howie Morales (D-Silver City).

Senator Ramos is excited to continue serving all his constituents from District 28 with a collaborative leadership approach, bridging the gap with both political party leaders utilizing his caring dependable voice of experience, as he is always dedicated to do his best for the people of New Mexico. His first legislative session experience representing Dist. 28 was a huge success, as immediately his caring leadership voice was respected and recognized by both bipartisan leaders.

siah banner

It’s with excitement, pride in our state, and a healthy dose of hope that I write today to announce my candidacy for State Senate, District 28.

It’s a decision I don’t come to lightly.

mick rich 2020When I decided to run in 2018, I was told by a Republican leader, “You are not going to win your first race. Be prepared to run at least twice.” That did not stop me from believing in our state and our electoral process. I ran to win, no matter the odds.

We have officially closed our 2018 campaign with the Federal Election Commission.

But now we face a hard reality: The voters of our state still need a U.S. Senator who has real solutions to help New Mexico's families.

As I traveled our state in the 2018 campaign, I came face to face with the real pain and hardship that so many of our people and communities suffer. That experience strengthened my determination to fight for new and better leadership.

So, after much prayer and discussion with my family, I have opened my 2020 campaign for U.S. Senate. I ask for your renewed support – because if good people sit on the sidelines, nothing in New Mexico will change.

claire chase headshotRoswell, NM – Claire Chase today announced her candidacy for New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District, which covers most of New Mexico south of Albuquerque.

“Our state is ranked worst in the nation for education and 50th in child well-being because liberal, career politicians are pushing radical policies that support open borders, undermine the industries that power our economy, and threaten our way of life,” Chase said. “We need a businesswoman, a mother, and a conservative who will step up and fight for good paying jobs, better schools for our kids, and a strong, secure border.”

Albuquerque, NM – Today, Albuquerque attorney and business owner Michael E. Hendricks announced his intentions to seek the Republican nomination for State House District 20. In the highly competitive SE Albuquerque house seat, Hendricks will face incumbent and freshman Representative Abbas Akhil. Hendricks had this to say about the announcement:

“New Mexico is in crisis. We are witnessing a public education system that is failing our children, a stagnant Albuquerque economy, and a staggering lack of leadership. My wife Jodi and I are raising our kids in the community and state we love, but without opportunities for them after they graduate, we worry about them leaving. There is so much potential in our state, but a lack of leadership and representation in Santa Fe has left us wondering, what’s next?


I’m Norm Wheeler and I ask for your support as I run for District Attorney of the Sixth Judicial District in the upcoming election. I don’t profess to be a politician and never expected to run for office, but I believe that I have reached a time in my career where it is important to give back to the community. I do not believe the position of District Attorney should be a political position. Its function should be performed based on an aggressive, intelligent analysis of facts, which are then applied to the law; not based upon who we know. Keeping that in mind I will share some information about me.