michael renteriaMichael R. Renteria (Democrat) is announcing his candidacy for the position of District Attorney for the 6th Judicial District of New Mexico. As your next District Attorney, Mike’s promise to the people is to restore trust and integrity to this office. Community Safety will come before personal ego. Teamwork, collaboration and mentorship will be utilized to restore confidence and success in the District’s prosecution of cases.

Mike will accomplish this by:
1. Providing leadership through professionalism, integrity and transparency in government. Elected officials are entrusted by the people to serve the community.

2. Developing relationships and collaboration with community agencies, law enforcement and team building throughout the entire criminal justice system. Mike’s aim is to bring unity by establishing healthy relationships, built on trust, mutual respect, and honest communication.

3. Bringing outside energy into the position--Mike is a leader that will bring integrity and enthusiasm to the position. Within the office, Mike will create an atmosphere that cultivates team building and sound mentorship of new staff and attorneys, not secrecy.

4. Responding to Bail Reform—as DA, Mike will assure immediate accountability and responsibility from those arrested to ensure that they are not released from custody if they pose a serious threat to the safety of the community… Conversely, those individuals who are mainly struggling with mental health issues or substance abuse problems should be receiving the help or treatment they need rather than incarceration.

5. Providing justice for all—Mike is a strong believer in our Constitution and, as such, he is committed to treating everyone equally under the law… Favoritism is not the answer.

6. Bringing meaningful change—There are only 13 District Attorneys in the entire State of New Mexico, making it one of the most important elected public positions. It requires an individual who has shown stability and wisdom throughout the years, and who has established deep roots within the community and its diverse members. Mike was born and raised in New Mexico; he has been a life-long registered Democrat; he has served his communities in various professional roles; and he knows and understands the pulse of our people.

7. It’s time to make a change—Vote for Mike on June 2, 2019 at the Democratic Primary.

Personal background, education, work and legal experience:
Mike has spent his entire life in Southwest New Mexico. Born and raised in Deming, and the son of an immigrant, he has become the vision and dream that his father had when coming to the United States. A devoted family man, his wife Rachel is also from Deming. Married for over 37 years, they have been blessed with 3 wonderful children (Melina, Abraham and Nathaniel), and 4 beautiful grandchildren (Andrew, Anthony, Maleeya and Ezekiel).

A proven leader, Mike has risen through the ranks in everything he has done. Mike was an honors graduate from Deming High School and New Mexico State University, becoming the first in his family to have a college degree. After college, Mike utilized his Social Work degree to help people in a variety of positions including: Community Youth Organizer; Juvenile Probation and Parole Officer; Truant Officer; and a Child Protection worker and investigator. While working, Mike continued with his higher education working towards a Master of Public Administration degree before deciding to attend law school at the University of New Mexico School. Mike obtained his law degree in 1999 and has been practicing as a community lawyer ever since.

As an attorney, Mike has focused his practice on helping people… First, gaining system experience as an Assistant District Attorney where he was the main drug prosecutor working border security… Second, as an associate attorney for a major law firm in Silver City… Finally, Mike established his own private practice in Deming. As a sole practitioner, Mike has gained extensive experience in the areas of criminal law, child abuse and neglect, domestic and family relations (e.g., divorces, custody disputes, visitation issues, child support, and guardianships) and some civil law. All of this experience garnered over the past 20 years has made Mike one of the most well-rounded and respected attorneys in Southwest New Mexico.

Most importantly, Mike is deeply involved with his community. Mike has coached and mentored youth for over 20 years at Deming High School at the varsity or junior varsity level for such sports as baseball, softball, basketball, football and golf. Everyone that meets Mike immediately sees his heart and his passion for helping people, and he wants to continue serving the people of his community.