marisa castrilloMarisa Castrillo, a Democrat, has announced her re-election campaign for the office of County Clerk where she has served the public for 21 years, the last four as County Clerk. Experience and innovation are key components to her administration and is eager to continue enhancements of improved processes and strategies for ensuring the office of the County Clerk remains constituent friendly and an elections leader in the State of New Mexico.

“Experience matters and I feel I am qualified for this position with my elections, recording and administration background that I have received from my 21 years of experience working in the County Clerk’s Office”, Castrillo said in her announcement. “I have learned so much in the Clerk’s office having the opportunity to work for many outstanding Clerk’s while having firsthand experience on rapid changes to the election process New Mexico has seen over the last 20 years.”

As a new employee to the County Clerk’s Office in 1999, Marisa had gradually moved from deputy clerk to Chief Deputy. In 2005, she was promoted as the Bureau of Elections Director, giving her the expertise necessary in administering elections that ensures integrity, fairness and voter rights protection. She was elected as County Clerk in 2016.

Marisa is a committed lifelong resident of Grant County and is married to her husband of 30 years, Norman Castrillo. Together they have two children (Norman and Cheyanne) and grandchildren Haleigh and Marilyn Castrillo.

“As your Grant County Clerk, I will continue to focus on strategic improvements to the overall office. Customer Service will always remain a top priority to ensure each visitor we have enter our doors has a pleasant and helpful experience. In addition, the Clerk’s Office will remain active in our community by promoting voter engagement and education within our local school districts and civic groups while researching technological advances such as improved website, deed searches and providing a more efficient constituent experience.”Mari