BrownPhotoKyle Brown
Candidate for Grant County Commissioner District 3

 I am a Republican candidate for Grant County Commission District 3. My opponent in the General Election in November will be Alicia Edwards, Democrat.

"It's time for me personally to toss my hat into the ring."

I will work diligently to represent you, the people, if elected to the commission. I am a fourth generation "Brown" - living, working, and raising my family in Grant County.

Deniene and I have 2 grown children and a grandchild. We will have been married for 35 years this year. I am proud to have my wife and family stand behind me in this endeavor.

God comes first. In God We Trust. I believe in prayer. Prayer in schools, prayer on the fields, prayer in government. I believe in upholding the United States Constitution and its amendments. I stand up and pledge allegiance to our American Flag, hand over heart - and honor all who protect it, including veterans, active duty military in all branches, and our law enforcement brothers and sisters.

I strongly support our 2nd Amendment, our right to keep and bear arms. As a young boy, I was taught to hunt and fish and to love the outdoors. With that I gave the respect to the firearm that I carried, the game that I harvested and the land that I hunted on. I believe these rights are being infringed upon and we as a nation, need to stand up for our rights to keep and bear arms. I believe in my right to protect my home, family, and country.

I have owned a small business in Silver City for the past 14 years. The mines and our ranches, that surround our county, are of upmost importance. These mines and ranches support many of our family, friends, and neighbors. In turn, these families, friends, and neighbors support Grant County, thereby, supporting my own small business. I believe, if ranches or the mines were put out of business, it would create an economic disaster for Grant County. We also need to pursue new opportunities to promote Grant County, keeping our county viable and thriving for future generations.

My stance is to try to unify the people of Grant County - Republican, Democrat, or Independent - so we can reach goals in a unified way for our country, our state and our Grant County!

I have always worked for the betterment of my business, my family and myself. If elected to the county commission, I will strive for positive communication among our county leaders and our people, and in turn, hope that we may work together for a better, stronger Grant County!

"I bring the values of integrity, honesty and good ole common sense to the table. We are all 'blue collar' workers in our county, me, you, our neighbors. We need to support each other for the good of Grant County, no matter what political affiliation. That's just a fact."

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