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Published: 28 January 2015 28 January 2015

Rep. Dianne Hamilton serves as Guest Speaker of the House at Grant County Day in Santa Fe. (Photo Courtesy of Drew Hamilton, Dianne's son)

By Mary Alice Murphy

Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015, was Grant County Day in Santa Fe at the New Mexico Legislature.

Members of the Prospectors, who advocate for Grant County each year and throughout the year with legislators, were in evidence at the Roundhouse on Wednesday. With meetings set up to talk to various cabinet secretaries, the governor, and other state officials, the Prospectors worked on their primary areas of concern, listed in the brochure they handed out to legislators.

At the annual forum, held this year in late November, and set up by Prospectors to hear concerns, needs and wants, representatives from local government, education, health organizations and nonprofit/community organizations presented their issues to the local legislators, Sen. Howie Morales, Rep. Dianne Hamilton, and Rep. John Zimmerman. After the forum, the Prospectors members prioritized the concerns they would focus on at the session.

The five areas of concern are:
1) Fund Capital Outlay Needs for Local Government
2) Education - Support Technology,Programs and Infrastructure
3) Economic Development Investment
4) Sustain Rural Services
5) Address Delayed Governmental Agency Processing

As a special treat for Grant County, Rep. Dianne Hamilton, who has represented the area for 16 years, was given the honor to serve as Guest Speaker of the House.