By Lorie Hildebrand

At Tuesday’s Hurley Town Council meeting, Mayor Ed Stevens and all of the Trustees were present for session that was called to order at 5:00 p.m. Two town residents had questions for the Council, one pertaining to dead trees and weeds and if something could be done about the elm tree seedlings showing up everywhere. The Mayor said maintenance would begin tackling the weeds soon and the Town was trying to work with PNM about taking down some of the dead trees. He said he would keep town residents updated at to the progress they make. Another resident was concerned about why three small dogs, inside animals most of the time, required owner to have a kennel license. The Mayor said that was the ordinance in effect now but the Town will be working soon on new animal ordinances and the town residents should come to those meetings to help make reasonable new ordinances.

Stevens reported that the Community Center is just about finished with the remodel and everyone should go see what great things have been done. It is looking great. The Cemetery is getting 40 new trees and paint. It is looking good, also.

The Fire Department had two call outs in the last month, one false alarm and one small heater fire, contained to heater. Animal control reported new kennels for cats are now available and will start trapping soon to reduce population of feral cats. Code enforcement is up and running and is sending out letters about vacant houses. The Police Dept. has been busy now that weather is warmer. Reported one breaking and entering and one assault case this last month. A new officer will be starting Wed. May 22.

The Hurley Pride reported that the Annual Car Show was a success. Numbers of vendors and visitors down some from past years but many activities in the area over the weekend, like Give Grandly, might have kept some people away. Need more volunteers next year if possible for traffic and registration.

Discussions took place on DOT grant monies available soon and if the Town wanted to do the paperwork required to obtain the funds. Council voted to do so. They also voted to retain Stone and McGee for auditors next fiscal year. They approved the Fire Department request for new radios and bunker gear. The money will come from the Fire Department Budget. Several kennel license requests were tabled as residents were not present. Next regular meeting will be June 11, 2019 at 5 p.m.