By Roger Lanse

Silver City police officers, including a captain, a lieutenant, a detective, two sergeants, and a patrolman, were dispatched in reference to a welfare check at the Lintero Apartments, Apt. 40, 2711 Leslie Road, on Friday, Nov. 6, 2020, at about 10:21 a.m., Officers were advised that Shady Madrid, 25, of the address, had given birth to a child at the apartment and that the baby may be unhealthy. When officers arrived at the apartment, according to an SCPD report narrative, they could hear people moving about in the apartment but no one answered the officers' knocks and loud commands to open the door.

After several minutes of attempting to get the occupants to comply with commands, the narrative said, officers prepared to use a battering ram to gain entry through the door. However, at this time, another renter of the apartment, Aaron Montgomery, 29, opened the door and officers began to talk with him and Andrea Valasquez, 29, also of the address. Officers found Madrid in the "cluttered" apartment lying on a couch with the baby above her head. The apartment was described by officers as "'hot-boxed' with a lot of marijuana smoke sitting in the air in the entire apartment." According to the narrative, the baby was not moving or making any sounds and Madrid's eyes were glassy and bloodshot. Madrid also appeared lethargic and under the influence of marijuana, the narrative said. A package of a green leafy substance labeled marijuana and a glass smoking pipe were located in front of Madrid on a side table.

Madrid told the officers, the narrative stated, the baby was born on Tuesday, Nov. 3, and that she didn't go to the hospital because she didn't want CYFD to get involved and have her new son taken away from her. Officers accompanied Madrid and the baby in the ambulance to Gila Regional Medical Center and noticed the baby needed his diaper changed and appeared to be "very hungry." Montgomery and Velasquez assisted officers in finding diapers, wipes, and formula.

Montgomery and Velasquez stated they were in Las Cruces and when they came home, they found that Madrid had already given birth.

An SCPD spokesperson told the Beat that initially after they were treated at GRMC, the hospital was ready to release the baby and Madrid, and the baby to Madrid. SCPD discussed the issue with CYFD and based on what was discovered at the scene CYFD was awarded custody of the baby.

Charges are pending.