By Roger Lanse

On Monday, Feb. 8, 2021 at about 5:33 a.m., Grant County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to an aggravated battery call with shots fired at 2277 Highway 61, San Lorenzo (Sherman), NM. When officers arrived, they found a 32-year-old man residing at 2277 Highway 61, who had been shot in the lower back with what appeared to be a .22 caliber weapon.

According to a GCSO offense report narrative, witnesses stated they heard four shots then two more. There has been an ongoing feud between neighbors in the area, witnesses said. From witness's reports, it seems as if both the victim and another man, Able Misquez, 54, of 2283 Highway 61, were shooting.

One witness, Misquez' son, told deputies he had gotten up to make breakfast and saw the victim by the witness's vehicle and thought he was about to puncture the tires. This witness said the victim also tried to start his wood pile on fire. Misquez' son stated, according to the narrative, when he confronted the victim for being in that witness's yard, the victim ran back to his vehicle and "that's when he fired some shots." "That's when Able heard and got up and shot at him. He's very afraid and too old to fight (the victim). He has a bad knee and can't move around well."

The narrative stated the victim's mother said she heard on a camera video four shots. The victim's uncle stated he heard two shots and saw the victim run into his grandfather's house at 2275 Highway 61, saying "Able just shot me."

The deputy went inside the home to check on the victim and when the victim removed his shirt and vest the deputy observed a small hole with dried blood on the victim's left lower back. The victim told the deputy that Misquez had shot him.

The victim was treated by EMS personnel and taken by ambulance to meet Native Air to be flown to an out-of-county hospital.

Deputies stated when Misquez told them he had shot the victim, they stopped asking him questions. The weapon, a Savage .22, was found, the narrative said. All possible witnesses and Misquez were taken to GCSO for interview by detectives. Search warrants were issued to process the scene. At 1:30 p.m. all units were clear.

Misquez was arrested and charged with assault with a firearm. He was released Tuesday, Feb. 9, on an unsecured bond, according to Grant County Detention Center staff.