Photos by Mary Alice Murphy

 The Covid Pandemic Team pulled off a surprise party for Margaret Diaz, Silver City NM Department of Health Administrator, on Friday, June 25, 2021 to award her the T-Mobile 2021 Community Member Spotlight Award.

Sabrina Pack of SkyWest Media organized the event with help from team members. About 25 members of the team were on hand for the celebration. One of the DOH employees, Mike Lucero, made a cake for the occasion. T-Mobile had a plaque made recognizing Diaz for Exceptional Service to the Community through the Pandemic. 

Diaz had asked for leave that day, but strings were pulled to keep her in the office, so the award could be made. And the surprise was indeed a surprise. When the door opened for her to come in and she saw the people gathered, she momentarily disappeared from view because of her surprise. 

When she was told of the award, she said: "It's not me. It's the team. Without them, I couldn't have done anything."

Every time she received congratulatory words from anyone, she repeated: "It's the team."

Pack said a video of the event would be available on the radio and on social media.