By Lynn Janes

The town of Hurley held its regular town meeting September 14, 2021.beginning with the call to order and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Attendance at the meeting included Mayor Ed Stevens, Mayor Pro Tem Richard Maynes, and Councilors Freddie Rodriguez and Mateo Madrid.

Councilors approved the agenda for the meeting.

Public Input

Dan Clark asked about the speed bump that had been requested previously. Mayor Stevens said it had been ordered and installation would begin when received.

Councilors approved the minutes from the regular meeting on August 10, 2021 and the minutes from the special meeting on August 17, 2021. Several other reports received approval including Maintenance Department, Clerks, Fire Department, Animal Control, Code Enforcement Officer, Police Department, and Judges.

Hurley Pride Committee was not available for an update.

The Hurley Neighborhood Watch presented an update. The people had met with approximately thirty-five members. They discussed the different home security choices, such as Blink, Simply Safe, Brinks, and others. A member brought up about the building owned by Freeport McMoRan located behind the Chino Club. The building is run down and inhabited mostly by feral cats, but they felt it was something to address Freeport about securing.

Resolution No. 9-2021-2022 for adopting an infrastructure capital improvements plan. Their list remains as it was last year.
#1 Water Supply
#2 Chino Building Improvements
#3 Public Safety Building
#4 Recreational Improvements. A dog park and walking trails could be ideas.
#5 Landscaping and beautification of the town.

Ordnance No. 83 – establishing regulations for the town concerning the new cannabis state regulations. Town Attorney Ben Young gave a brief run-down of the ordinance he wrote up for the town council to look at and approve. He said that the town could only regulate time, place and manner essentially. Young went on to say it had to conform similarly to their liquor ordinances. However, the town does not have any kind of zone paradigm, so cannabis operations must be treated like any other businesses. It does require at least 300 feet from any schools or daycare but didn't include churches. Liquor licenses include churches. Hours of operation would be the same as liquor. He then went on to explain that personal use and production allowed a person to grow up to six plants. They would have to have it in a closed area and not accessible by the public to curb theft. When it came to fines, enforcement should treat them like any other business. Persons under the age of 21 were not allowed to consume, purchase or have cannabis. Young then ask the council if they had any questions.

Maynes asked about intoxication. Young replied that no measure of cannabis intoxication is available currently. Maynes also asked about rules for production and manufacturing. Young replied none for business at this time. The rules to prohibit smoking outdoors are much like the liquor laws. Time, place, and manner is really all they can address. The judge asked if there were any licenses currently in the area. Young replied: "None that I am aware of." They discussed how many licenses are allowed. Young said he was not aware of any ordinance concerning liquor licenses in the area, and Maynes said he thought that only one was allowed. Young said they needed to revisit that and the zoning. The council voted to adopt the new ordinance for cannabis.

Mayor and Councilors Reports

Madrid had a report for the fire department, which is purchasing more equipment. Mayor Stevens said they would put an ad in the paper for a police chief and an animal control officer.

Next regular meeting will take place October 12, 2021, at 5:00 pm

Meeting Adjourned.