By Lynn Janes

The town of Hurley held its regular town meeting October 12, 2021, beginning with the roll call to order and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Attendance of the meeting included Mayor Ed Stevens, Mayor Pro Tem Richard Maynes, and Councilors, Freddie Rodriguez and Mateo Madrid.

The agenda for the meeting was approved.

Public Input

Mr. Padilla with the Santa Clara Action Committee and invited everyone to attend a meet and greet for the candidates running in the upcoming election. He said it would be on the Oct. 23.

Regular meeting (September 17, 2021) and special meeting (September 24, 2021) minutes approved by the council.

Maintenance department gave a report on the cemetery and chip seal for the road taking place soon.

Hurley clerk, Lori Ortiz, wanted to commend Violet and Darlene for all their work getting the water bills worked out. They had gotten everyone caught up or arrangements made so no one had their water disconnected. Ortiz also thanked the maintenance department for all their help in the matter. Ortiz said they were ready for the 2021 audit coming up shortly.

The fire department didn't have anything currently to report except they had responded to one fire.

The code enforcement officer had sent out citations and the police chief didn't have anything currently to report, all had been quiet.

Hurley pride committee had information on the upcoming Pumpkin Patch. They have 4,000 pounds of pumpkins and expect a good turnout. It will be held this coming Saturday, Oct. 16 and will be in front of the Old Hurley Store. It is being held 10am to 3pm. The fire department is going to be there, and they will be bringing in the kids from the local schools on Monday.

The neighborhood watch will be meeting Wednesday (13) at 5:30 and will be doing a meet and greet with the new police chief. On Oct. 23 they will do a trash pick up in town.

Council  approved Resolution No. 11. This resolution will complete road improvements on A street with the DOT. The cost is $442,000 and they have a grant for $419,000. The town must pay $22,100 match.

Construction of a site-built home was approved by the council. Patricia Gutierrez and Enrique Nunez purchased four lots in the area of Covarrubias and Geronimo streets. They have investors from California and will be starting with one home and then build more. The town doesn't have an application for new construction, just manufactured housing. The code enforcement officer will be working closely with her to make sure all codes are being adhered to.

The solid waste agreement for the city is up for extension. The agreement started as a two year in 2017 with two extensions for two years each. This is the last one. Mr. Garcia will be meeting with Ortiz next week to discuss a rate increase and possibility of providing trash receptacles with lids and wheels. Garcia will bring an estimated cost of 640 receptacles to the meeting. Ortiz will look at the budget to see if this would be possible. The council approved the agreement but tabled the trash containers and rate increase until next meeting.

The maintenance department would like to obtain a purchase order for a sub surface leak detector. Recently they had to tear up twelve feet of asphalt to find a water leak. A leak detector would eliminate that in the future.

Next regular meeting will take place Tuesday, November 9, 2021, at 5:00pm