By Roger Lanse

Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2021, at approximately 1:05 a.m., Silver City Police Department officers were dispatched to 101 W. 19th Street, in reference to a domestic disturbance. The Grant County Regional Dispatch Authority advised the officers that a female called and stated her husband was intoxicated and trying to leave in a vehicle. According to an SCPD Incident Report, she advised she was able to get the keys away from her husband and he was now on the roof of their residence and jumping to the roof of their neighbor. The female told officers the argument between them was not physical.

When officers arrived on scene, they were told by the female, the report stated, that her husband had jumped down into the backyard, but officers could not see him there, but the female said she just saw him run inside. Officers called out to the male multiple times, but they did not get an answer, although they could see him walking around inside closing windows and locking doors. As officers tried to reason with him, the report stated, he was aggressive each time and would raise his voice and be noncompliant.

Officers, after learning the male was on probation, secured an adult probation hold, according to the report, and through a door, asked the husband if an officer could go in to do a welcheck on the child inside. The male did not permit this, saying the child was fine.

At this time, the report stated, an officer kicked the door in and with the assistance of other officers put the male in handcuffs and placed him in the back seat of a police unit. Officers found the child in a back bedroom, and he was okay, the report said. The male was transported to SCPD for paperwork and then to Gila Regional Medical Center for medical clearance and booked into the Grant County Detention Center.

According to GCDC staff, the male, Dustin Derr, 33, of the address, is still in custody for resisting, evading, or obstructing a peace officer; an outstanding warrant out of Judge Laney's court; and a parole violation.