Photos and article by Mary Alice Murphy

Grant County residents showed up to give input, using the dot sticker system, on the Outdoor Recreation Master Plan, underway in the county, with SE Group heading up the effort. Members of SE Group who had presented the day before at the County Commission meetings and had met with focus group members, set up a poster presentation at the Grant County Veterans Memorial Business and Conference Center to promote the plan and get feedback.

Julia Randall, planner with SE Group said the plan is an "exciting effort. I feel fortunate to be part of our visit. We have had a lot of exciting developments. There is a lot of need to align our common goals, and our planning team sees that as key."

Drew Pollak-Bruce, senior recreation planner for SE Group said: "We have met with so many groups that are working on different things, but are collaborating on this plan. The community's engagement with outdoor recreation struck me. Our next meeting we will present more maps and our draft concepts. We hope to complete the plan in the fall of 2022."