Friday, Apr. 26

Cortez Avenue
Caller advised he was going to do a job for a male and was in a hurry then the male tried to fight him. Officer had contact advising clear/a named individual was asked to leave the property by . . .

Criminal trespass warning
Caller advised a red Toyota truck trespassed on mine property today/they were able to get the license plate number. Deputy was able to find the registered owner by running the plate.

Unwanted subject
Scott Park
Caller advised she paid to use the field and there are some males on the field refusing to leave. Officer had contact advising everything is okay/other party is leaving.

Domestic disturbance
Ridge Road
Caller advised his ex-wife is there threatening him/he left and just now returned and she is yelling at him again. Deputy advised clear from contact with caller at GCDC/en route to the . . .

Saturday, Apr. 27

Domestic disturbance
11072 W. Highway 180
Female went to caller’s residence and banged on her door. Deputies had contact advising two male juvies en route to . . ./one juvie female en route to a Newsham Street address.

Game and Fish
Highway 15 and Wendy Road
Deer still alive in the middle of the road. Passerby put the deer down.

Suspicious vehicle
Big Tree Trailhead – 9:54 p.m.
Out with several vehicles.

Weapons fired
Big Tree Trailhead – 10:01 p.m.
Deputy heard a shot in the area.

Loud party
Cleveland Mine and Darling Bell roads
Deputy had contact with several subjects/subjects put out the campfire and cleared the area.

Suspicious vehicle
W. Highway 180 – MM 103 (1 mile east of Mangas Terrace)
Deputy went traffic with vehicle on Snake Hill.

Domestic disturbance
Meadow Hawk Lane – Arenas Valley
Caller advised (redacted) is intoxicated and hit caller’s cousin/advised everyone is intoxicated. Deputy had contact advising one male en route to a Gold Street address.

Sunday, Apr. 28

Domestic disturbance
Cripple Creek Road
Advised that her mother’s boyfriend is causing problems/he is looking for his meth pipe and tearing up the inside of the house. Deputy requested ambulance for a 37-year-old male having trouble breathing/transporting prisoner to GCSO.

11732 E. Highway 180
Caller’s storage was broken into.

Criminal trespass warning
11600 E. Highway 180
(Redacted) went and interrupted the services then left walking toward Highway 180/want a CTW issued if found. Deputy had negative contact on church property or on Highway 180.

Welfare check
Offutt Canyon Road – Arenas Valley
Deputy had contact advising everything is okay/negative on EMS/will be busy for a while.

Unwanted subject
Chukar Drive
Caller advised he wants people to leave his house and they are not leaving. Caller called back advising he no longer needs LE.

Game and Fish
Highway 15
Deer in the road 2-3 miles up Highway 15/vehicles keep hitting the deer. Deputy advised the deer is already off the roadway.