Monday. Apr. 29

Stolen motor vehicle
Black Mountain Road – Cliff
Caller advised his 1997 Ford truck was taken Friday morning. Deputy out at a Welsh Street (Arenas Valley) address for follow-up/negative contact with vehicle/interviewing a named male at GCDC.

25 Caballero Drive (SW Horseman’s Rodeo)
Caller advised he was just threatened by another person. Deputy had contact with caller.

Camino de Viento
IRS scam.

Pheasant Drive
Caller advised her ex is harassing her in reference to their daughter.

Friday, May 3

Stolen motor vehicle
Black Mountain Road – Cliff
Caller advised his beige Ford truck with Texas plates was stolen about an hour before sunrise. Caller advised a male took it/unknown name/can identify him and knows where he lives.

Wright Road – Upper Mimbres
Caller’s landlord is trying to lock her out of her rental. Caller is in her vehicle and has already threatened to beat the landlord up. This will be a civil case that will have to go to court.

Welfare check
Cottonwood Road.
Caller advised she hasn’t heard from her 96-year-old mother since this morning. Deputy had contact advising she was doing yard work with her neighbor/will call daughter.

Welfare check
Old Fort Bayard
Caller advised there is a male that is sitting in his vehicle and is trying to take his life. Caller keeps disconnecting the line. Deputies out with a vehicle about a mile past the cattle guard/male is okay.

Domestic disturbance
Pheasant Drive
Caller advised that a named male is at her residence and she does not want him there/he is intoxicated and starting to causing problems.

Highway 35 – Upper Mimbres
Caller advised two individuals are involved in a fight/an individual is crying in the background/one is bleeding from the head and arm.

Saturday, May 4

Welfare check
North Hurley Road
Caller advised she hasn’t heard from her 4-year-old daughter/she doesn’t think anything is really wrong but she had an ‘awful’ feeling/line was disconnected. Deputies advised they are not going to do a welcheck at 5:30 a.m. just because caller has an awful feeling and no phone number to be contacted at.

Welfare check
Scott Park
Advised that her ex-husband is possibly drinking and driving a white 2017 Ford dually and he has their children in the vehicle. Deputy had negative contact will ATL.

Welfare check
Whiskey Creek Airport Road – Arenas Valley
Caller advised that a female left in a Jeep Grand Cherokee and she was crying hysterically.

Sunday, May 5

Welfare check
S. Highway 90 and Cullum Drive
Male in the driver side is slumped over and not responsive/damage to the front of the vehicle/another male in passenger side on the phone. Deputy on scene/no one in view/negative contact.

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
Flury Lane – Arenas Valley
Caller advised his 81 Ford pickup windshield was broken.

Aggravated burglary
Trailing Heart Drive – Silver Acres
Noticed guns missing a couple days ago/suspects nephew stole them because he was told to move out/MAC 90 and 12 gauge shotgun.

Game and Fish
Highway 180 @ Santa Clara Armory
Decapitated deer or javelina in the roadway. Deputy did clear the two javelinas out of the road.