Friday, Aug. 9

Welfare check
Bornite Street – Tyrone
Deputy responded each time to three 911 calls with negative contact each time. Last time call came in, a female was screaming “Get out of here, I don’t know why you keep coming back.” And the line disconnects again. Officer had contact advising male already left and the female did not want us here/clear.

Domestic disturbance
Cottonwood Road
Caller stated that a named male bit him on the wrist and broke the skin/he left on foot to another address/negative on ambulance.

Domestic disturbance
Kirkland Road – Arenas Valley
Caller wants ex-boyfriend removed/male is arguing in background/he’s throwing things out of the house/he is blocking the doorway and caller is not able to go inside/verbal only.

Welfare check
North Hurley Road
Caller advised her grandma called her and said she heard footsteps outside. Deputy advised everything is okay/unit clear.

Saturday, Aug. 10

70 Truck Bypass
Caller advised a named male stole all her wood/she can see him in the trailer park at this time.

Unwanted subject
Racetrack Road – Arenas Valley
Caller advised that a named individual is there on his property and he wants them removed. Caller then began to yell and say if someone does not get there someone is going to end up dead. Deputy on scene.

Unwanted subject
Redrock Road – Tyrone
Caller advised that a named female is there causing problems.

Sage Drive – Upper Mimbres
Caller advised her ex is harassing her via calls, texts, and even showing up at her work. Deputy had contact with caller.

Domestic disturbance
Mountain View Drive
Advised that her boyfriend pushed her and took her wallet and won’t give it back/he went inside a green trailer/he is leaving on foot at this time up Mountain View Drive.

Domestic disturbance
Box Canyon Road – Gila
Husband just broke windshield to try to get to her phone/he just went back into the residence/he got upset because she was telling him to get out of the room and sleep on the bed/then he started choking her when she was on the toilet/that’s when she went into the pickup and he broke the windshield. Caller advised male is no longer in the residence/unknown where he went.

Reckless driver
Highway 180 and Kirkland Road – Arenas Valley
Deputies went traffic with white Dodge dually pickup on Highway 180 in Bayard/taking possession of vehicle/one in investigative detention.

Sunday, Aug. 11

Chalcopyrite Court – Tyrone
Chair from front porch and hammock from back porch taken. Deputy was advised.

Criminal damage to property
Bonita Drive – Silver Acres
Five mailboxes have been damaged. Deputy had contact with a residence.

Criminal trespass
Rio de Arenas Road – Arenas Valley
Someone is living there/it’s supposed to be empty. Deputy had contact with caller who showed deputy the trailer.

Cripple Creek Road
Caller advised that a named individual is having other people send her harassing text messages.

Suspicious vehicle
Highway 90 – MM 30
Deputy had contact advising vehicle is unoccupied and is off the roadway.

Loud music
Pheasant Drive
Deputy advised subjects to keep the music down/if they have to come back further action would be taken.