3:00 PM-4:00 PM at GRMC Billy Casper Rehab & Wellness Center, 300 East 16th Street – Silver City, NM

Purpose:  To provide accurate information for group education that promotes a better understanding of head injury and stroke recovery, rehabilitation and prevention of recurrent head injury or stroke.• To offer a way for head injury and stroke survivors to meet others with similar challenges and experiences and provide mutual positive support. • To renew hope and promote independence by offering opportunities for survivors to challenge themselves and continue to improve their performance of daily living activities. • To provide caregivers and family members a structured way to share and support each other.• To offer families the resources and support they need to live an active and satisfying life while coping with their losses and disabilities

Contact: Leigh Smith at GRMC Billy Casper Rehab & Wellness Center at 575-538-4899 for additional details.