Monday, May 25

Suspicious vehicle
11988 Highway 180
Deputy advised vehicle is unoccupied/building is secure/no issues.

Welfare check
Santa Rita Mine Road – Vanadium
Caller advised that her neighbor woke her up. Deputy advised everything appears okay. Caller is calling back yelling about a lot of stuff. Deputy made contact with caller who advised to not dispatch over the radio but on the phone and requested frequent patrol.

Santa Rita Avenue – Hurley – 12:20 p.m.
Caller advised that her dad’s girlfriend keeps passing by the residence and if the female goes on her property she is going to hurt her/wants her issued a CTW. Deputy made contact with caller/will ATL for female.

Chukar Drive
Caller received a call from his stepson who received a call from his other stepson about someone yelling in a threatening manner. Other party was picked up by brother. Verbal dispute between a male and a female/both parties did separate for the night.

Welfare check
North Hurley Road
Caller advised there is no parenting plan between her grandson’s parents/unknown where caller’s grandson is.

Santa Rita Avenue – Hurley – 6:05 p.m.
Caller advised that a named male keeps passing by and harassing her kids/she has a CTW on him. Deputy advised to clear call/advising unless he’s on the property there is nothing they can do.

Rio de Arenas Road – Arenas Valley
A named male driving a black GMC Sierra Denali is threatening to kill caller. Caller called back advising he is on his way with a gun. Deputies on scene with caller/negative contact with vehicle.

Domestic disturbance
Whispering Hills – 10:37 p.m.
Caller’s mom called whispering that his brother is there, intoxicated/mother is crying/unknown what is going on. Deputy advised to issue ATL for a named male re: to being highly intoxicated and possibly under the influence of other narcotics/all units clear.

Tuesday, May 26

Unwanted subject
Whispering Hills – 12:26 a.m.
Caller advising that her son returned and just knocked down the bedroom door/he’s leaving again in a tan older model Nissan car/she had put a dresser against the bedroom door but he got through. Deputy put out ATL for the vehicle.

Reckless driver
W. Highway 180 and Western Drive
SCPD officer made contact with vehicle at First American Bank/out with driver/clear.

Highway 61 – Lower Mimbres
Caller advised that her daughter is causing problems verbally/she has no way to leave at this time. Deputy advised everything is verbal/everything is okay for now.

Manzana Rojo – Upper Mimbres
Deputies had negative contact with caller/left a voicemail/caller called back advising he missed the deputy’s call. Deputy set up a heavy frequent patrol for this week.

Suicide threat
Turkey Creek Road to river
No narrative.

Welfare check
Highway 152 – Santa Rita
Caller advised that his 13-year-old son just called him crying and saying he is afraid/he said a named male is there and is afraid of him because he has hit him in the past. Deputies made contact with mom over the phone/everything is okay/will call caller back.

Welfare check
W. Highway 180
Caller from Recovery Management Center stated a named male said his wife left him and the male showed caller a picture of an air-soft gun/male said he is not suicidal or homicidal/caller said wife wants to go back to the house.

Wednesday, May 27

Welfare check
Fairway Drive
Caller advised a male didn’t show up for work today/he has been having problems with his diabetes lately/caller can’t get hold of his mom either. Deputy made contact with male.

Welfare check
North Hurley Road
Caller advised she received a call from a female advising that a named male needed to be seen by home health/they have not seen him since 2015/caller advised she did not ask female her address or telephone number.

Welfare check
Valle de Uvas – Upper Mimbres
Female in her 60s has been ill/she isn’t answering her door and her vehicle hasn’t been moved. Deputies on scene advising negative contact with anyone/no one is coming to the door/there are lights on in the house/negative on any odor/will be clear.

Thursday, May 28

Welfare check
Highway 35 – Upper Mimbres
Caller advised they are unable to contact a named male/he missed his last appointment/he hasn’t called her to pick up any groceries for him in two weeks.

Stolen motor vehicle
Ridge Road
Caller stated the vehicle was taken by a named male two week ago from the Silverback Towing yard/advised the son is incarcerated and she needs to report the vehicle.

Welfare check
Sanctuary Road and Highway 15
Caller advised there is a female in a truck that looks like she is passed out/she was sitting in the passenger seat slumped over.

Stolen motor vehicle
Camino de Viento – 4:10 p.m.
Caller advised wife’s daughter uses brown 2014 Nissan Altima to take to and from work at Harbor Freight/wife is also a registered owner. Caller advised female stated she has work from 7A-11A and would go to Walmart after/female has not showed up home. Caller advised that she does have a history of drug use and this may be the reason why she hasn’t come home.

Cottonwood Road
Multiple subjects possibly fighting. Deputy advised all units clear/verbal domestic between father and son.