Monday, Oct. 12

Welfare check
Racetrack and Crum roads
Male was attempting to wave caller down in middle of roadway. Deputy advised clear/one male in unit/dropped off on James Street in Santa Clara.

Welfare check
11575 E. Highway 180
White Chevy Silverado in the median by Baca’s/driver seems to be passed out. Silver City PD officer advised vehicle is by Cross Point Church/driver is okay/ran out of gas.

Suspicious vehicle
Briarwood Lane
Female driver has been on the property four times now taking pictures with her cell phone. Deputy advised will be clear/set up frequent patrol for the area.

Welfare check
Chamisa Drive – Lower Mimbres
Caller advised the homeowner was airlifted to El Paso on Sept. 30 and he lives alone with a dog/caller is not sure if the dog has been tended to since he left. Dispatch contacted caller and advised that the dog was already being taken care of by a neighbor.

Suspicious vehicle
Fort Bayard Museum
Deputy advised the people are going to leave.

Suspicious vehicle
N. Hutchinson and W. Encino streets – Santa Clara
Deputy made contact advising everything is okay.

Weapons fired
NM DOT – Highway 152
Caller heard multiple shots/sounded like an automatic weapon. Deputies did walk through/everything is okay.

Tuesday, Oct. 13

Welfare check
Camino Tolteca
Caller from Rio Medical Transportation advised he is there to pick up a patient and she is inside yelling for help/he just called out to her and she isn’t answering anymore. Deputy advised landlord opened the door/requested ambulance for a lift assist for a 55-year-old female who has been down for 5 hours/no injuries.

Unwanted subject
Mimbres Yucca Drive – Upper Mimbres
Caller advised a named female is on his property and he does not want her there/she just left in a pickup, that belongs to a named individual, that she is not supposed to have/does not want to report the pickup as stolen, advising she is not sure if her husband let the female take it.

Welfare check
Azurite Court – Tyrone
Caller advising she is a counselor for La Plata and she received a call from a named female advising that she has been suicidal and has been this way for a while/she no longer wants to feel this way and doesn’t know what to do about it. Caller advised she received an email yesterday that the female lives with her grandmother. Officer advised will call caller/had negative contact with anyone at the house.

Suspicious vehicle
Bear Mountain Road
Vehicle was shooting from the vehicle into the woods and continued up the road. Deputy went traffic with vehicle at Virginia/Howell with license plate given.

Arroyo Lane – Silver Acres
A named male is threatening his mother/male in the background advised caller hit him with a bat. Caller said she has the bat because male is threatening them and her two kids/thinks male is high on drugs/she is locked in the house/her kids are in the vehicle/male is on a bike/he is hitting on a car. Deputy has Carl Edwards in investigative detention.

Cottonwood Road
Caller advised a political sign was stolen/ he will be putting up another one but closer to his house.

Welfare check
Five Mile Creek Road – Buckhorn
Caller advised that the mother of a 6-year-old who is in the custody of father, advised the father is abusing and raping the child. Deputy had negative contact.

Search and Rescue
City of Rocks – Highway 61
No report.

Suicide threat
Camino Tolteca
No narrative.

Welfare check
Highway 180 -- Caddel Crossing – Santa Clara
Male in roadway. Second caller advised male with a weapon in his hand in the middle of traffic.

Wednesday, Oct. 14

Criminal damage to property
Ocotillo Drive – Lower Mimbres
Caller advised someone cut the chain to her gate.

Welfare check
Caller from CYFD advised 9 and 5-year-old children may be educationally neglected/caller has been trying to reach them for two weeks. Deputy had negative contact at address/will call caller.

Kirkland Road – Arenas Valley
Caller advised her neighbor drove by revving his engine and scared her son/neighbor is upset about dogs barking. Deputy made contact with caller/negative contact with neighbor.

Welfare check
Highway 90 – MM 38 (1 mile north of Tyrone)
Female walking north on Highway 90 holding a dog/it is really dark and cold. Deputy had negative contact with anyone walking/everything is okay.

Weapons fired
Little Walnut Road
Caller believes someone is shooting at his house. Deputy made contact with a nearby homeowner who advised he shot off fireworks for a birthday party.

Criminal damage to property
Rosedale Road
Caller advised that it appears someone has cut the barbed wire fence in an attempt to get their camping trailer out of their yard/there is no damage to the trailer. Deputy set up frequent patrol for next few weeks.

Thursday, Oct. 15

Highway 35 – Upper Mimbres
Caller advised that her political sign was stolen.

Breaking and entering
Ancheta Road – San Lorenzo
Caller advised that someone broke into her yard again and attempted to force entry into her shed/they cause damage to her shed each time they do it. Deputy on scene.

Unwanted subject
Camino Tolteca – 4:50 p.m.
Caller advised that her son is heavily intoxicated and is causing issues at the house. Deputy had contact with son/units will be clear/both parties agreed to separate.

Aggravated assault
Arenas Valley
White Ford Escape tailgated caller after the construction zone on 180 and pulled out a gun and pointed it at him as he passed caller. Deputies en route to a Winifred Street address in Bayard/possible address for the other party.

Domestic disturbance
Camino Tolteca – 7:03 p.m.
A named male is irate and under the influence/caller advised he left walking/she isn’t going to go look for him. Caller advised he did spit on her a couple of times but did not hit her.

Loud music
Goathead Path and Kirkland Road
Deputy advised they advised they would turn it down for the night.