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Friday, Oct. 16

Domestic disturbance
N. Silver Street
Caller advised that a named male is not letting her leave/wants someone around while she leaves. Officer advised one female and three juvis in unit en route to Glenda Circle.

1414 Little Walnut Road
Caller advised she let her nephew borrow her car and it’s been an hour and he has not returned/he said he would be back in twenty minutes. Officer advised that caller just wants an ATL and have him return the vehicle.

S. Cooper Street
Caller advised the back of the apartment was spray-painted/asked for frequent patrol. Officer set up frequent patrol.

Welfare check
N. Swan and 29th streets
Male that seems lost is advising his pants are falling down/he is walking north on Swan.

Welfare check
1040 E. Highway 180
Caller advised her son was released from the ER last night and was staying at the Comfort Inn however they no longer allowed him to stay. Officer attempting contact with son at Motel 6/advised everything is okay.

Unwanted subject
111 S. Texas Street
Caller advised that a male subject is refusing to leave/he is possibly under the influence. Officer advised the unwanted male is hearing voices and if anyone sees him unsure if he is okay at this time.

Accident-property damage
N. Gold Street
Caller advised he was pulling into the driveway when he clipped the front bumper of a white Chevy Cruise.

Little Walnut Road
Caller wants to file charges against a female for slandering caller and her daughter.

Unwanted subject
1220 N. Hudson Street
Caller advised a male is outside the store/he is on a bike headed north toward Gough Park. Officers made contact at Burger Time with Anthony Alcorta who was highly intoxicated and issued him an indefinite CTW to Food Basket.

304 N. Bullard Street
Male walking around stating he is security for Revel and harassing people. Officer issued Vincent Montano an indefinite CTW for Revel/he was advised to stay out of the businesses.

Pinos Altos Road
Caller advised that he and his girlfriend got in an argument and she had a .380 handgun and was making threats about hurting herself. Officer advised one in investigative detention.

Welfare check
2711 Leslie Road
Caller advised that his son is at the Lintero to take care of his children/his son called him advising that the boyfriend of the mother is trying to start problems. Officer has contact with son/a named male left prior to arrival. Officer advised back out at the Lintero/was waved down by caller.

2545 N. Silver Street
Advised that two males are fighting/a male is banging on the door of a woman’s apartment and she keeps yelling to leave her alone.

2005 E. Highway 180 – 10:32 p.m.
Advised a male is in the parking lot trying to fight everyone. Officer has one in investigative detention/Luis Lozano does show CTW for BevCo and Wrangler’s.

Intoxicated persons
2005 E. Highway 180 – 11:32 p.m.
Caller advised subjects are in the parking lot drinking/it is Wrangler’s employees. Officer advised everything is okay/they are going to leave.

Saturday, Oct. 17

Aggravated battery
Bennett Street
Male who was attacked with a machete/he is in GRMC ER triage. Officer advised clear from GRMC/en route to address on Bennett/out at address.

2040 Memory Lane
Caller advised she can hear the fighting at this apartment. Officer made contact with two named males and one named female/everything is okay.

Unwanted subject
N. Silver Street -- 6:34 a.m.
Caller advised he allowed a named female to stay with him last night as she had nowhere else to go but he is violating the terms of his release and may get into trouble/he would like her removed this morning to avoid further issues. Officer had negative contact with anyone at the residence.

Unwanted subject
N. Combs Street – 7:09 a.m.
Caller advised that her named male friend was staying with caller while officers were removing a named female from his house, however the female has now showed up at the house and is attempting to contact her friend/would like her removed from the property so her friend does not get in trouble. Caller called back advising the female left.

313 E. 13th Street
Walk-in advised he was getting ready to have a yard sale when a 5’6” scrawny and unshaven male took a lamp from a table and left with it. Officers have John Elizalde in investigative detention/one male in custody.

Criminal damage to property
Visitor Center
Caller advised that a male threw a rock through the window then headed south on Bullard Street/advised a male behind the Gospel Mission was throwing rocks and hit her mail carrier’s vehicle. Second caller advised a male pounded on her car angrily. Officer out on San Vicente and Arizona with John Elizalde.

Silver Heights Blvd.
A pair of earrings is missing from the American Blues store/it was caught on camera and the female refused to give the earrings back and took off headed toward the dry cleaners in a black Jeep Liberty.

Welfare check
N. Bennett Street
Caller advised that the house is very dirty and in disarray/there are five children in the home. Officer advised that the grandfather just showed up to take the children and they are in the process of being . . .

Criminal trespass warning
1220 N. Hudson Street
Advised a named male is in the store arguing with the manager/he left walking toward Gough Park. Officer made contact with Enrique and issued him an indefinite CTW for Food Basket.

Visitor Center
Caller advised they are on the Big Ditch Bridge and there is a group of gentlemen watching them, throwing their hands up and seem to be heavily intoxicated. Officer out with Lorenzo Flores and Anthony Alcorta.

Welfare check
Bobwhite Drive
Advised that a named female is driving up and down the road in a really loud silver Chevy car/she is now leaving the area. Officer will ATL/negative contact.

Domestic disturbance
2711 Leslie Road
Advised her husband is intoxicated and she wants to leave/she will say it is not physical so he does not go to jail/she wants him to calm down/he is throwing her things out of the apartment/he is now in the bedroom. Officers made contact with two named males/everything is okay/verbal only.

Stolen motor vehicle
Garcia Street
Caller advised that the stepdaughter took her blue 2014 Honda 4-door/yesterday it was 18-year-old granddaughter/when they woke up at 8 p.m. last night the car was gone. Officers put out ATL for vehicle.

Welfare check
Kiva Place
Advised that he got a weird message from his girlfriend about something happening/she didn’t specify. Officer made contact with girlfriend/she is okay.

Unwanted subject
106 W. Broadway
Advised that a few people are outside being loud and disruptive. Officer advised they just got off work at the Toad/they are headed home.

Sunday, Oct. 18

Reckless driver
32nd Street Bypass
Caller advised a white Dodge Ram almost hit a deer. Officer advised have visual/he is speeding/went traffic with vehicle on 40th Street.

Domestic disturbance
1040 E. Highway 180
Caller advised her ex-husband is there and she wants him to leave/it has been verbal/he has not hit her or broken anything. Officer made contact advising male was asked to leave and he did.

Gough Park
Officer advised on scene/several subjects on scene fighting near the basketball courts. Another officer requested more units. A third officer requested ambulance to stage near Station 1/subjects bleeding and highly intoxicated/a named female in unit to be treated. Fourth Officer advised has one juvie in investigative detention. R1 staged.

Domestic disturbance
3420 E. Highway 180
Advised she can hear a male in the room above hers/a male being very aggressive to his girlfriend. Deputy has contact with male in the back of the hotel. Officer has Gustavo Acosta in custody.

Criminal damage to property
2711 Leslie Road
Caller advised that someone threw a rock through his sliding glass door/can see the rock.

Welfare check
1414 Little Walnut Road
Negative contact.

Domestic disturbance
2711 Leslie Road
Advised she can hear a woman screaming/there are two males physically fighting/she just heard one gun shot/it’s been going on for an hour or two now. Officer made contact with female and daughter who were asleep/will walk around the apartment complex.

W. College Avenue
Caller advised his political sign was stolen/asked for frequent patrol from sun down to sun up/stated he was going to purchase a larger sign.

Welfare check
Raven Drive
Caller advised that her 8-year-old daughter who is staying with her father called her crying advising caller needed to take her food to eat. Officer made contact advising/clear/everything is okay/residence had food, water, electricity/child advised there is no food/just did not want what there was to eat/caller was notified.

100 N. Rosedale Road
Caller advised that a female just stole some alcohol/she is no longer there.

Grant Street
Caller advised male outside with long hair was throwing rocks. Officer advised to issue ATL for Joe Cardona and issue him a CTW for this address.

Accident-property damage
Walmart and Del Taco
Black Toyota RAV4 vs gold Jeep. Officer advised 34-year-old female with neck pain.

E. Spring Street
Caller advised a male and female are fighting/her son’s girlfriend is intoxicated and is being abusive/caller wants her out.

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
1075 E. Highway 180
Caller saw a male letting air out of a tire in the parking lot/male is still on scene/unknown if male is vehicle’s owner or not.

Welfare check
Cardinal Lane and Raven Drive
Caller can hear a female yelling that her arm is hurting/a male and a female are constantly fighting in that area/female is now screaming for help. Officer advised out at a Raven Drive address.

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