Monday, May 10

Missing persons
3796 Highway 15
Caller advised he was hiking with his 72-year-old father yesterday and they got separated around 2:30 to 3 p.m. Caller advised he made it back to camp but hasn't heard from his father/they were not equipped for an overnight stay/father has arthritis and hasn't taken meds/he takes other meds as well that he hasn't taken since missing.

Highway 356
Male in a dark grey Toyota throwing trash on the side of the highway/he was throwing trash and cardboard. Bayard PD officer had negative contact.

Reckless driver
Highway 180 – MM 129 (2 miles east of Hurley)
Caller advised a blue 4dr sedan almost swiped her. Call was given to Luna County/they will ATL for the vehicle.

Accident-property damage
Highway 152 – MM 10 (halfway between Georgetown Road and double 'S' curves)
Caller advised he sideswiped an elk/he has a small dent on the driver's door and the driver side mirror was knocked loose. Caller advised he is out of the roadway and the elk is gone.

DV order violation
Beck Lane – Arenas Valley
Caller advised a named male is at this location and a named female has a restraining order on him. Caller is not on scene but she saw the male in security cameras. The female is wanting to leave and the male won't let her. Deputy on scene/has contact with male/will attempt contact with grandmother at this time/request next wrecker on rotation to pick up vehicle.

Tuesday, May 11

Loud music
Western Drive
Deputy advised they had contact with a named male who they advised to keep it down/units clear.

Welfare check
Aspen Street
Female speaking in Spanish/advised something about a truck/she disconnected the line. Deputy had contact with two males and two females/giving a male a ride to a motel.

Criminal damage to property
An inmate damaged the phone system.

Breaking and entering
Ft Bayard Street
Caller advised that someone broke into her rental/there are no items in the house/she has not walked through the house.

Welfare check
Bellm Street – Santa Clara
Caller advised she received a call from her niece advising caller's sister's husband was shooting inside the house/he has a history of this behavior.

DV order violation
Cook Street – Arenas Valley
Caller advised she is in the process of getting a divorce and he is using video cameras to record her.

Highway 35 – Upper Mimbres
Caller advised a named female got into a physical altercation with her niece and the female pulled out a firearm and discharged one shot into the air/the parties are separated now/her niece sustained an injury and has left/the female is still on scene.

Wednesday, May 12

Suicide threat
Mobile Drive
No report.

Suspicious vehicle
Ridge Road and Tyrone Ridge Road
Caller advised a white car is blocking the road. Deputy out with a named male.

Domestic disturbance
Penjamo Bar
Caller advised as she was driving by she saw a male and a female fighting/they were on foot/he just took her into the weeds/advised one in investigative detention/units clear/everything is okay/both advised nothing physical.

Suicide threat
Eagle Nest Drive
No narrative.

Highway 35 – Upper Mimbres
Caller advised that building material was stolen off the property.

Suicide threat
Bonita Drive – Silver Acres
No report.

Accident-property damage
S. Highway 90 – Grant County
Caller advised he was sideswiped/1990 blue 4dr Buick vs green Toyota pickup.

Highway 180 – MM 90 (1 mile east of Highway 211 junction)
One vehicle involved/it's a traffic hazard/64-year-old female is out of the roadway but can't get out of the vehicle/ambulance just pulled up and is going to check on her.

Game and Fish
E. Highway 180 and Casa Loma Road
No report.

Unwanted subject
Racetrack Road – Arenas Valley
Advised her brother is causing problems at the home/he has been throwing things and refusing to take his medication for his seizures/he is inside his bedroom at this time. Deputy advised son took medication and mother was advised of programs regarding his disability/unit clear.

Thursday, May 13

Welfare check
Aztec and Elguea streets – Hurley
Caller can hear a male screaming in the alley behind his house. Second caller advised the same. Male advised his brother is yelling and causing problems/unsure what started it. Deputies in area advised one adult male in unit en route to a D Street address.

Welfare check
Highway – Chuck's Folly – Cliff
Caller advised a female is lying in the middle of the roadway. NMSP officer advised that female was seen hitchhiking in the area/will go check.

Welfare check
Fierro Road – Fierro
Caller advised a named male posted on Facebook about 30 minutes ago that he needed assistance. Deputy requested ambulance for a 55-year-old male with minor cuts/had a fall/complaining of right shoulder pain.

Welfare check
Running Iron Road – Tyrone
Advised he hasn't been able to get a hold of his brother/last contact about a week ago.

Aggravated battery
Highway 35 – Upper Mimbres
Caller advised the incident occurred yesterday in Mimbres/caller is in ER.

Criminal damage to property
Highway 15 – Pinos Altos
Caller advised someone just busted out his back window with a chain/he is still on the property and he still has his chain. Deputy advised negative report/waiver of prosecution was signed.

North Hurley Road – North Hurley
Caller advised daughter is intoxicated and is being verbally aggressive toward caller. Deputy on scene.

Ridge Road
Caller advised that yesterday a named male called her again. Caller was advised by the court that a warrant was issued and signed yesterday. Caller wants to know why he was not arrested and when he will be. Deputy advised the up-dated DVO was served today.