Monday, May 10, 2021

Criminal trespass
1060 E. Highway 180
Caller advised a named male is at the back of the building and he already has a CTW/he is wearing a dark hoodie/he was attempting to open windows to rooms. Officer has contact with a named male at the Motel 6.

Domestic disturbance
N. Corbin Street
Caller advised that a named male is intoxicated and acting out. Officer requested if a Bayard PD unit could meet an SCPD officer at the Rio de Arenas Snappy to escort the male to a residence in Bayard. Bayard PD officer advised out at the RDA Snappy/en route with male to a Main Street address.

Criminal damage to property
809 N. Hudson Street
Caller advised they had someone break a store window around 4 a.m. this morning.

Welfare check
711 Silver Heights Blvd.
Male outside/woke caller up in Room 234/he is now in front of a red Jeep/he appears to be intoxicated/he is in the laundry room now/he wasn't in the red Jeep. Officer had contact with male/clear/he is okay/he is heading back to his room.

Domestic disturbance
Sixth Street School
Caller advised his girlfriend punched him in the mouth/he is bleeding/refused medical. Caller is en route to his house. Officer advised clear/caller en route to SCPD.

Cielo Azul Street
Caller advised that someone she knows personally scammed her/wants to meet officer at Melinda's. Officer heading to Western Bank for follow-up.

Unwanted subject
2501 E. Highway 180
A named male is trying to get minutes on his phone and asked to use Walmart's phone. They allowed him to use their phone and now he won't get off the phone/negative on a CTW for now. Officer advised male is leaving now.

Welfare check
2501 E. Highway 180
Male passed out in Row 7, but vehicle was running when they walked into the store/they just came out and the vehicle is off/male has one leg out of vehicle but is not awake/he is breathing. Officer advised male stated he was sleeping/refused all medical attention.

Plata Road
Caller advised that a named male is taking checks and is currently taking money from her using a machine from his car. Officer entered in blotter.

Welfare check
1901 N. Silver Street – Western Palms Trailer Park
29-year-old granddaughter is outside possibly under the influence/she is hitting herself and yelling. She has two warrants, one out of Grijalva's court for shoplifting bond to be set and a second out of Laney's court for failure to comply bond to be set. Officer advised en route to SCPD/she is kicking windows.

Domestic disturbance
Debby Drive – 4:29 p.m.
Caller advised a male and female are being physical/female holding a baby/male took baby and went inside/male and female inside right now. Female advised officer that male has her baby/female not answering questions/kept yelling give me my son/male in investigative detention.

Criminal sexual penetration
17th Street
Caller reported abuse which occurred approximately five years ago when the female was 10-years-old/she had sexual contact with a 14-year-old male/the female currently lives in Tucson.

Domestic disturbance
Howell Street
Caller advised the residents of this house are fighting outside/a male and a female. Officer advised male was dropped off at 15th and Gold streets.

Game and Fish
1313 E. 32nd Street
Patient advised he saw a mountain lion near the ambulance bay near the ER. Call was given to NMSP and G&F/they will take care of it from here.

Criminal damage to property
Debby Drive – 8:19 p.m.
Caller advised that her son was arrested today in reference to a domestic with his ex. Caller came home and her house appears to have been damaged in the dispute and she would like to make a report of the damage.

Welfare check
3514 Fowler Avenue
Caller requested an officer go and advise them to call the ER (?)/they have a patient they need to transfer back to the care center. Officer made contact and they are going to call GRMC.

Tuesday, May 11

Suspicious vehicle
1740 E. Highway 180
Officer advised units clear/subjects were business owners.

Domestic disturbance
22nd Street
Caller advised she can hear a male and female arguing/sounds physical/they are inside the house.

Unwanted subject
1455 E. Highway 180
Caller advised a customer is arguing with caller and won't leave/he was taking pictures of the cars. Hear a lot of arguing in the background. Officer advised it was a misunderstanding/other party left.

Welfare check
2545 N. Silver Street – Hillside Apartments
Advised daughter is supposed to be with mother/advised mother just got out of court. Officer advised clear/everything is okay/child was okay as well.

Domestic disturbance
2711 Leslie Road – Lintero Apartments
Caller advised a female is screaming from an apartment for someone to help her/unsure how many people inside the apartment. Officer out with a named female/a named male left prior to arrival/advised units are clear.

Reckless driver
35th Street
Caller advised a 7-year-old male is riding a motorcycle on his cul de sac. Caller told the child to stop riding the motorcycle ref he does not like motorcycles riding on his street. The child went back home and came out with a female who told their child to get back on the motorcycle. Officer made contact with the child's father and he advised the officer that the bike is less than 50cc. Caller was mad about the noise but the child does not ride it at night. Officer advised caller that there is no crime committed due to the bike only . . .

Domestic disturbance
505 W. College Avenue
Caller advised two males in a red 4door car are screaming at each other. Three officers out with two named males/request next wrecker on rotation/vehicle released to Silverback. Officer en route to GCDC with one male prisoner.

Domestic disturbance
800 S. Robert Street
Caller advised a domestic just occurred between her and a named male/advised he threw a large rock and threatened to harm her animals/caller is requesting an emergency protection order/she is waiting outside in a white SUV.

Welfare check
N. Gold Street
Caller advised a female across the street has been yelling and screaming for the last hour/caller heard them talking about taking her to the hospital. Officer advised out at a N. Gold Street address/ made contact with the homeowner who advised she was highly intoxicated/refused medical attention/units clear.

Domestic disturbance
2711 Leslie Road – Lintero Apartments
Caller advised a male in the parking lot is threatening to hit a female/can hear male yelling and female crying. Officer advised they made contact with someone at the apartments who advised it was a named male and a named female/the male forced the female into the car and left. Officers advised attempting to locate.

Wednesday, May 12

Welfare check
1810 N. Swan Street – 2:51 a.m.
Caller advised a female walked in with a male/she mouthed help me to the worker/she is near the front counter/male was last seen going around the backside of the store. Officer identified the male involved/units en route to the Drifter to ATL.

Welfare check
1810 N. Swan Street – 3:44 a.m.
Caller advised she believes the male SCPD was looking for is back harassing the female. Officer advised one male in custody. Another officer advised negative contact anywhere with male involved in harassment /will be clear.

Valley Vista – 4:31 a.m.
Caller advised they heard five shots/they went outside and their grey Chrysler has bullet holes in it/a black car drove by who was possibly involved. Caller was advised to stay inside their residence until officers arrive.

Suspicious vehicle
Penny Park
Male being "creepy" around the kids/he is carrying a large phone or tablet with him. Officer ID'd the male/he advised he is looking for his kids and will be leaving.

1956 E. Highway 180
36-year-old female took hair care products. She was given a warning/they got their merchandise back/no CTW issued.

Welfare check
610 Silver Heights Blvd.
Male lying on the sidewalk. Officer advised negative contact so far.

905 N. Hudson Street
Caller advised a named male just threw rocks through the window. A female with a cart with three dogs also threw rocks. Caller advised she was next door in a silver Nissan/she was advised to stay in the building until the officer goes and talks to them.

Criminal sexual penetration
915 Silver Heights Blvd. (call location)
Advised she was sexually assaulted a year ago/mother and student are in office/the person who assaulted her is inside the school.

Welfare check
100 17th Street – Casa Linda Apartments
Hasn't spoken to her 83-year-old father in three days/she normally speaks to him every day. Officer had negative contact.

Accident-property damage
N. Swan Street @ PNM
White Toyota Corolla pulled off the side of the road/deer is out of the roadway as well.

Weapons fired
Valley Vista – 8:41 p.m.
Black Honda driving back and forth. Caller advised vehicle may have stopped and dropped off a male near the ditch/the male then walked down into the ditch and that's when the shots were heard/then the vehicle possibly picked up the male back up at the ditch area. Officer advised near Fowler Avenue ATL.

Suspicious vehicle
Fowler Avenue and GRMC – 9:21 p.m.
Caller advised a black SUV passed Valley Vista with the visors down/you cannot see the faces of the driver or passenger/vehicle left the area of Valley Vista/should hit Fowler and 32nd. Caller called back advising two black Hondas have been parked on the street next to each other and something suspicious is going on.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Welfare check
1605 W. Market Street – Stagestop Trailer Park
Male caller identified as "Chris" asked dispatcher who he was talking to. Dispatcher identified and caller said "No, no, no." Caller seemed highly confused and was unable to answer questions/caller was uttering numbers and words. Officer requested EMS for male who advised he had smoked something/he is alert and breathing. Officers advised units clear/male refused medical attention.

Reckless driver
E. Highway 180/32nd Street Bypass
Grey/blue Chevy pickup all over the roadway. Officer had contact at the New Mexico Title across from Wendy's/driver said he is having trouble with his vehicle/unit clear.

2609 Camino del Bosque
Caller advised that her partner followed caller all the way to Harrison Schmitt School/he tried to make contact with her at the traffic light at Hudson and Broadway/he followed her into the parking lot at First Savings Bank/he was in a turquoise Nissan Cube and left north on Hudson Street.

Criminal trespass warning
1956 E. Highway 180
Advised a named female is inside the store and she has a CTW/she is not causing problems they just don't want her inside the store. Officer advised female left prior to arrival/out with female at BEVCO/re-issued Amy Lam a CTW.

Caller advised someone claimed for unemployment with her name.

Royall Street
Caller advised that a named female is harassing caller because they have her child in CYFD custody. Officer spoke with caller.

Welfare check
1220 N. Hudson Street
Caller advised male standing in the road/refusing to get out of lane. Officer had negative contact.

Broadway Bridge
Officer out with a named male cussing in the ditch.

Suicide threat
Cielo Azul Street
No report.

E. Camino del Bosque
White BMW vs grey Toyota. 43-year-old caller advised her neck and back are hurting. Officer on scene.

Criminal trespass warning
Med Square – Pope Street
Caller advised a named male threatened a doctor by text stating he will kill him and die trying. Caller wants a CTW issued to the male. Officer issued Bryan Jones a CTW for HMS.

Criminal damage to property
Pinos Altos Road
Caller advised damage was done to her sign/it is a pottery business.

E. 11th Street
Caller advised she wants her son out of the house/it is all verbal at this time/he does not live at the residence/she does not want him in her house/he is causing problems. Officer advised everything is okay/the son left.

Welfare check
N. Bennett Street
Caller is requesting a welcheck on kids at this address. Officer advised everything is okay/clear.

121 W. 12th Street
Caller advised his backpack was stolen at the laundry mat/his gun was in the backpack/black 9mm Springfield XD.

Welfare check
N. Bayard Street
Caller from Tu Casa advised a client was speaking to her on the phone and stated she had a razor blade and she is combing out her sheepskin for a place to lay/she sounds drunk. Officer advised knocked on door/no answer/clear.

Loud music
N. Juniper Street – 10:21 p.m.
Homeowner going to keep it down.

Loud music
N. Juniper Street – 11:12 p.m.
Caller advised subjects are playing really loud music. Second caller advised neighbors have very loud music/advised he has been going through a hard time. Officer made contact again/everything is okay. Caller advised subject has his music loud again.

Suspicious vehicle
Penny Park
Officer advised they are leaving upon request.

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