Monday, July 26

Unwanted subject
1400 N. Hudson Street
Male is lying down near the vacuums and they want him to leave/looks like he's sleeping. Officer advised out with the male/he is leaving upon request.

Stolen motor vehicle
Truck Bypass
Caller advised her husband just called advising someone has stolen his white 1997 GMC. Deputy advised ATL vehicle/male wearing a green shirt got into the vehicle and left toward Lordsburg/give ATL to Hidalgo County.

Criminal trespass warning
31st Street
A named female is threatening to go to caller's house and cause problems/caller wants a CTW issued.

800 S. Robert Street – El Refugio
Caller advised their storage shed was broken into during the night/some computers are missing.

Halfmoon Circle
Caller advised someone broke into their home and caller believes subject is still on scene/several tools were taken.

Accident-property damage
Star Ski
Male rolled vehicle/he is out of vehicle/mother just notified and wants male checked out. E11 advised unit clear with signed refusal against AMA.

N. Swan and Silver Heights Blvd.
Bike vs car/bike and girl in roadway still/female in early 20s. Second caller advised she did witness the accident in her rearview/advising the bicyclist did not stop and was traveling on the wrong side of the road. Female is moving slowly/no blood/unknown where vehicle is that hit her.

Vehicle burglary
1956 E. Highway 180
Caller advised his vehicle was broken into at the Albertson's parking lot during the night.

N. Bullard Street
Advised he's carrying two sticks threatening to hit people /walking toward Diane's Bakery/second male, barefoot, went toward Food Coop/they were having an altercation. Officers ATL in area/negative contact.

Suspicious vehicle
Plata Road
Caller advised a 1985 white Ford Bronco is parked on their lot with the motor running and no one inside. Officer advised upon his arrival made contact with caller and vehicle/a named male moved the vehicle/everything is okay.

Welfare check
W. 7th Street
Caller advised a 20-year-old male crashed his bicycle into a parked car/he has lacerations from road rash/he had the air knocked out of himself/male seems under the influence/bicycle is a Trek 3900.

E. Kelly Street
Advised brother is acting like a fool/he is in the middle of the road yelling/he is intoxicated. Officers advised everything is okay/nothing physical.

2501 E. Highway 180
Caller advised a group of people are arguing in the Walmart parking lot/there are four subjects/one grey Honda car and a white Pontiac car. One officer went traffic at Hatch Toyota/second officer went traffic across from Walmart.

Welfare check
1220 N. Hudson Street
Advised a male is running around the area. Officer had contact with male who advised he was going for a jog/clear.

Welfare check
407 N. Hudson Street
Advised a male is running around the area/just went up toward the Food Basket. Officer made contact @ Pope and 12th/male ran off/contact Pope and 13th/requested additional units/male is being uncooperative and may need to be put in protective custody/out at Pope and Highway 180/another officer has one in protective custody.

Welfare check
N. Swan Street
Caller advised her sister has a caregiver who is not answering her phone. Officer advised clear/caregiver is going to call caller.

Tuesday, July 27

Welfare check
Kimberly Drive
Male appears to be intoxicated walking toward Pine Street. Officer made contact with male on Kimberly and Pine/he is walking home.

Accident-property damage
Silver Heights Blvd @ Sun Valley entrance
Small blue sedan and truck/one male possibly bleeding from face. Second caller advised he was just involved in an accident. Third caller advised 29-year-old male/trouble breathing/no one was "serious injured."

Welfare check
N. Swan Street – PNM
Caller advised a male was in front of the office. Officer made contact with the male who stated he was okay and was not lying on the ground/units clear/male is okay.

Domestic disturbance
1414 Little Walnut Road – Silver Cliff Apartments
Officers advised units clear/it was verbal/female said she was going to leave for the evening.

2711 Leslie Road – Lintero Apartments
A named male is throwing rocks at caller's windows/he said he was going to hurt her/he threatened caller's 10-year-old daughter and called her a "hoochie"/he is going toward the ditch.

Suspicious vehicle
Cactus Street
Caller believes a maroon Chevy truck keeps passing by to harass her. Officer went traffic with the vehicle/en route to a Cactus Street address/advised units clear.

Welfare check
Grant Street
Caller advised that a named male is running around in her front yard yelling and not making any sense. Officer had contact with male at the south side of Gough Park/male was dropped off on the west side of the Swan Street Snappy. Male advised he will not go onto the Snappy property and did not want medical attention/unit clear.

Loud music
N. Swan Street
Caller advised her neighbor is playing loud music. Officer out with a named male who advised he will turn the music down.

Wednesday, July 28

Hot pursuit
E. 12th and N. Hudson streets – 6:29 a.m.
Black motorcycle/60-70 mph/no plate. Officer advised 85 mph passing Broadway/failure to stop/no lights/no plate/traffic is light/passing Victoria going approximately 45 mph/vehicle is slowing down. Another officer advised passing Elk Crossing/speeds of 60/passing Truck Bypass. GCSO deputy was advised. Officer advised passing MM 39 (2 miles north of Tyrone).

Criminal trespass warning
1810 N. Swan Street
Caller advised a named male was still inside the store. SCPD requested a GCSO unit to assist. 34-year-old male having a panic attack. Deputy on scene.

2545 N. Silver Street – Hillside Apartments
People who are harassing caller are in this apartment. Officer advised unit clear.

Unwanted subject
Lion's Club
Caller advised a homeless camp is set up and they have a fire/would like these subjects removed. Officer advised in the ditch and has contact with Sodine Benally/this person was issued a CTW.

Accident-property damage
2045 E. Highway 180
Caller advised he was hit from behind/white Chevy pickup vs white Subaru/negative on injuries/airbags did deploy/fluids leaking from other vehicle.

100 N. Rosedale Road
Advised a named male just left the store about 10 minutes ago with 10 packages of cigarettes walking toward Sonic.

Criminal trespass warning
Bard Street
A named female is on his property in the front yard and is refusing to leave/she has a CTW and is not supposed to be there/not causing issues at the moment. Officer advised Madonna Leyba is in custody.

Skate Park
Officer advised made contact with a named female and her granddaughter at SCPD. Female advised a named male was 'jumped' by another juvenile at the skate park '3 or 4 days ago.' Officer spoke to the male.

Welfare check
610 Silver Heights Blvd.
Caller advised a female seemed sick or something wrong/checked out from the store and went to sit in her vehicle/looks like she was trying to throw up 30 minutes ago but now sitting in her car. Officer made contact with female who advised she was okay and was texting while resting.

Welfare check
2154 E. Highway 180
Caller advised a male seems to be passed out. Officer made contact with the male who advised he was okay and did not need medical attention/Harbor Freight employees advised they did not mind the male waiting for a ride in front of the store.

Unwanted subject
1600 16th Street – Mountain View Senior Apartments
Caller advised a named female is on the property/she is on foot headed the back way down the hill.

Welfare Check
Penny Park
Caller advised a small child about 2-years-old in a diaper that caller and her daughter have been playing with for about 30 minutes and have not noticed any parents near him/second child came up to her and stated they could not find their mother. Caller advised the mother is back at the park/she was gone for a while. Officers advised mother was in the area of the park still . . .

Welfare check
1313 E. 32nd Street
A named male just walked out of the ER/he is on an involuntary hold by Psych and they need him brought back into the ER/he is wearing a gown and pants. Caller advised to cancel/male back into the ER/everything is okay.

Suspicious vehicle
Penny Park
Officer made contact with the owners of both vehicles/they were skating and are leaving.

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
Valley Vista
Advised the back window to his truck (was damaged?)/possibly some kids that were playing in the road with rocks.

Thursday, July 29

Domestic disturbance
Ridge Road
Advised he can hear screaming and yelling/male and female/glass breaking/doors slamming. GCSO deputy made contact with female/going to be looking for a named male/all units clear/going to be frequent patrolling for rest of the night.

Welfare check
1618 E. Pine Street
Male is in the parking lot walking around carrying arrows/they are just getting ready to open up for business. Officers advised saw male walking by McDonald's/negative contact/workers advised he went toward Motel 6/negative contact.

Unwanted subject
N. Corbin Street
Caller advised a male is on her property trying to get into an altercation with her son over a vehicle/he left the property but is still in the area and wants the male issued a CTW. Officers made contact with caller/negative contact with male but put out ATL for Otis Armstead to be issued indefinite CTW . . .

3815 N. Swan Street
Caller advised someone seemed to have stolen keys to the equipment/unknown if there was forced entry anywhere. Officer advised found vehicle on Frontage Road between Coyote Canyon and Enchanted.

Unwanted subject
206 N. Hudson Street
Male walked into the bathroom and has been in there for an hour and a half/he is refusing to open the door. Officers advised out with Matthew Fox who was issued an indefinite CTW and he will be leaving.

Welfare check
1600 16th Street – Mountain View Senior Apartments
Caller advised a named male was released from the hospital this morning and he got into his vehicle and he was very confused and said he was driving toward HMS/white older model Cadillac. Officer advised car is at Senior Apartments/out at an apartment/everything is okay.

Silva Creek Botanical Garden
Caller advised the hinges were taken off the gate.

Criminal trespass warning
1600 16th Street – Mountain View Senior Apartments
A named female is in the parking lot/she has a CTW and wants her removed from the property. Officer had negative contact.

Unwanted subject
Grant Street
Officer made contact with caller who advised a named male was staying in one of the buildings on his property/he broke in and has been staying there for an unknown amount of time. Caller stated he wants the male to leave, but he was not on the property at this time, but would notify LE if he were to return.

Criminal trespass warning
100 N. Rosedale Road
A named male was in the store a half hour ago and would like a CTW placed on him/he does have video footage. Officer advised male was last issued a CTW 11-30-20.

Welfare check
N. Swan and E. 32nd streets
Female walking with a husky toward 32nd/male in Envoy following her/caller stopped to speak with female who advised they were headed to Gough Park when she jumped out of the vehicle/advised her kids are still in the vehicle/male drive off erratically. Officer made contact with a named female.

Walk-in advised someone tried to file for unemployment under her husband's name.

Officer made contact with caller who advised a named female neighbor has been harassing her/she keeps texting her multiple vulgar and explicit messages even when she was . . .

Welfare check
Pinos Altos Road
Caller could hear the neighbors partying and a lot of drama going on so she went over to check on them. Can hear female walking/advised it is on a dirt road. Caller then stated, "Can I be honest with you?"/she then started crying advising she got kicked out/she was trying to get her phone and subjects were trying to set her up/advised they were all drinking/call dropped.

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