Monday, July 26

Domestic disturbance
Fairway Drive
Caller advised a named male just hit a named female/caller is the mother of the female/mother is not on scene/daughter called her/they have a history of fighting. Deputy made contact advising units clear/parties have separated/male left for the night.

Reckless driver
Highway 180 – MM 130 (1 mile west of Grant County Airport Road)
Blue Hyundai car is speeding and tailgating people/headed toward Deming. Deputy advised this vehicle is in the parking lot of the Forest Service cache/will be clear/male has a video of caller.

Identity theft
Sycamore Street
Caller advised that someone filed for unemployment in her name.

Kirkland Road and Highway 180
Caller advised white truck vs a small Chevy car. 24-year-old male with chest pain/25-year-old male with neck pain/air bag/both breathing normal.

Tuesday, July 27

Welfare check
Highway 180 – MM 127 (Hurley)
Caller advised a female is standing in the roadway yelling at cars. Deputy had negative contact.

Welfare check
Mobile Drive -- 1:41 a.m.
Caller advised she can hear a female yelling. Deputies had contact with female who advised she would stop yelling/everything is okay.

Welfare check
Mobile Drive – 9:01 a.m.
Caller advised a female is screaming and yelling from this address/she has been yelling like this since 3 a.m. Deputy spoke with female who advised she would stop, she just used it as a coping mechanism. Several neighbors came out and expressed their frustrations.

Identity theft
Wendy Road
Caller advised someone tried to file unemployment in her name.

Loud music
Goathead Path – Arenas Valley
Caller advised there is extremely loud music and this is an ongoing problem.

Unattended death
Flury Lane – Arenas Valley
63-year-old female/not alert/breathing. EMS1 advised clear/patient was transferred to GCSO.

Wednesday, July 28

Welfare check
Highway 152 – MM 2 (DOT yard)
Advised a male is jumping in and out of traffic. Had contact with male/he is walking on the side of the road headed toward Mimbres/he refused a ride.

Unwanted subject
Cortez Avenue
Caller advised that a named male snuck in her Room 125/he snuck in while she was going outside to her truck. Deputy had negative contact with the male.

Welfare check
Chino Mine Lookout
Caller advised a male who is on the side of the roadway needs some type of assistance/he was lying on the ground but now he is sitting up/he is yelling at someone/deputy rolled up on scene.

Welfare check
Saavedra Drive
Caller from Trauma and Recovery advised patient has not been in touch since Friday/she missed her appointment. Caller texted her today asking if she was okay and she replied, "Nope." Caller advised she did a welfare check herself but there were two large dogs barking so caller did not proceed. Deputy made contact with female who advised she was angry with her doctor and refused medical multiple times.

Welfare check
Highway 180 – MM 73 (3 miles west of Buckhorn)
Two vehicles pulled over. Deputy advised had some mechanical issues/will help them get back to Cliff mechanic shop.

Thursday, July 29

Domestic disturbance
Bear Grass Lane
Caller advised brother has a knife and they were in a physical altercation/they were fighting. Unable to understand caller/will not calm down/crying very hard. Advised deputy en route/caller did not want to stay on the line/juvenile male.

Unwanted subject
Highway 152 – Santa Rita
Caller advised daughter's mother showed up at the house causing issues/she smelled like alcohol and alcohol bottles fell out of her purse/she is not allowed around them or the daughter/she does use drugs/she did leave in a silver Nissan Exterra.