Friday, Sept. 10

Highway 180 – MM 81 (3 miles west of Cliff)
Caller advised a car was rolled over on its top/beige Ford Focus. Caller advised the female was ejected from vehicle about 15 feet and she is deceased. Caller will wait for officers. Female is probably in early 20s/mail package has a Brushy Mountain Road address.

Welfare check
Goats Pass Road – Mule Creek
Caller advised has not been able to reach a 68-year-old female since last night. Later, caller advised female is in the ER/everything is okay.

Welfare check
Highway 180 – Mangas Valley Road
A male lying in the bar ditch/will not talk/a mile past the turnoff/will be standing by. Male has a phone and is okay.

Michigan Street
Caller told deputy she was backing out of her driveway and while backing out she looked both ways. She then noticed a truck turning down her street on Michigan off of Little Walnut. The truck turned at a high rate of speed. The truck started honking their horn at her so she pulled back into her driveway/the truck then pulled . . .

Cortez Avenue
Caller advised they have a male hanging around back of the building/he did pull down his pants earlier/wants the male issued a CTW/he has been bothering everybody who has been by/asking for money to buy beer.

Welfare check
Placer Street – Pinos Altos
Younger-looking girl wearing a purple tu-tu/bald/might be on drugs. Deputy made contact on Main Street/she appeared okay. She stated she was staying in PA with a friend/advised that the staff at the Buckhorn didn't understand her due to her autism. Female is okay.

Unwanted subject
Highway 35 – Upper Mimbres
Advised have an ongoing issue with some guests/he is going to ask them to leave/just wants to speak to a deputy before things escalate. Deputy had negative contact with caller. Caller called back advising he is on Highway 35 near the Horse . . .

Domestic disturbance
Racetrack Road – Arenas Valley
Caller is requesting a ride to the shelter but can hear her arguing with a male in the background/she is unable to separate herself from the male/he possibly has gotten physical with her. Caller is refusing medical attention. Deputy advised taking female down to a motel.

Saturday, Sept. 11

Welfare check
Ft Bayard Road – Fort Bayard
Caller advised she will call FBMC to get patient checked on then call back if they need LE to check on patient.

Domestic disturbance
Tabor Drive
Caller advised her sister called screaming saying her husband and she are fighting and he pulled a gun out on her/sister has dementia/unknown if it actually happened. Deputy advised clear/all verbal.

Highway 35 – Upper Mimbres
Advised that the neighbor is throwing rocks and beer bottles at caller/she is showing her breasts to the neighbors/she is showing her bottom as well and she is cussing at them. Her daughter is present as well.

Unattended death
Camino Verde – Arenas Valley – 1:41 p.m.
85-year-old father passed/the last time anyone spoke to him was 10 a.m. this morning. Deputy requested OMI/OMI en route.

Welfare check
Ft Bayard
Right off Crumbley Road/camping and have big-horned sheep tied up. Deputy made contact with one male and one female/they are just camping/they stated they were hiking and were going to go again in the morning/the two goats were only pack goats not big-horned sheep.

Welfare check
Highway 152 – Santa Rita Mine entrance
Caller advised the female's ping shows her at the address and she has been there for three hours/either she has slipped off the bracelet or she is in distress/she has been on probation since earlier in 2021/called her girlfriend who stated she . . .

Loud music
Delk Drive
Deputy advised everything is okay/turning the music down and calling it a night.

Sunday, Sept. 12
Accident-property damage
70 Truck Bypass – Peaceful Trailer Park
Caller advised they heard a loud crash and saw smoke afterward. Deputies out with a vehicle that had crashed into a fence. Called owners with negative contact/left voicemail.

Suspicious vehicle
W. Highway 180 and Rogers Road
Deputy advised vehicle took off on him/pulling over now. Units clear from traffic.

Domestic disturbance
Camino Tolteca
Caller advised her husband is outside stating he needs to get his things/but there was already a standby for him to get his things/he is threatening caller saying his mother is going to go over and put her hands on caller. Caller was instructed to stay inside until the deputy gets there. Second caller advised that a named subject hit him.

Cleveland Street
Caller advised her nephew just threatened to shoot up her house and stab her son. A deputy was advised and he said they would have a unit en route.

Welfare check
Highway 180 – MM 66 (10 miles west of Buckhorn)
Caller advised a tan Toyota pickup with a camper is off the road parked awkwardly in the ditch/there was a middle-aged male. Caller pulled up next to the vehicle and honked his horn to see if the male needed assistance and the male did not stir.

Suspicious vehicle
11575 Highway 180 near Baca's
Subject outside with a cat tied to a mirror. Deputy had contact near the trees/advised he broke down/cat is on a leash, so that way he won't run away.