Monday, Oct. 18

1810 N. Swan Street
Male took a bottle and left toward Swan and 18th streets. Deputy advised unable to find male/had contact with clerk.

Aggravated assault
Camino Seco – Arenas Valley
Caller advised his nephew just pulled a firearm on him/advised 'they' just left in an older model Dodge pickup pulling a small car. Caller was uncooperative. Deputy advised went traffic with this vehicle in Ace Hardware parking lot. Another deputy out with first deputy.

Whiskey Creek Airport Road – Arenas Valley
Caller advised her mailbox was stolen/a phone call is fine.

Unwanted subject
Spring Creek Road
Caller advising a named female is sitting on her front porch/wants a deputy to give her a ride home. Deputy advised one female in unit en route to an address on Bosworth Drive.

Vehicle burglary
Dollar General – Highway 180
Vehicle was broken into/caller advised the owner is there at this time. Deputy advised wrecker is on scene/will be clear from here.

Tuesday, Oct. 19

Camino Tolteca – Tyrone
Caller advised her male neighbor has been harassing her/he makes sexual comments toward her/he also touched her inappropriately on Monday, Oct. 20, when she was cleaning his house.

Unwanted subject
Highway 35 – Upper Mimbres
Advised her brother-in-law has continued to drive erratically/her driveway is how he gets to his home. Deputy advised to issue an indefinite CTW to William Mosher for this address.

Accident-property damage
1401 Tom Foy Blvd. -- Bayard
Caller advised a deer has been hit and is still alive. Deputy advised deer removed from roadway and put down/one shot fired/out with the people who hit the deer at the bank.

Unwanted subject
San Francisco Road – San Lorenzo
Her son is at her home acting erratically/he is under the influence of alcohol/he has a muzzleloader/he is outside/he is not being aggressive. Deputy advised male fled west on a 4wheeler/lost contact with male/back en route to caller's house. Deputy advised contact with 4wheeler/headed down Noonday Canyon/male took off into the woods.

Reckless driver
Highway 180 – Bayard
White semi weaving passing Food Basket/looked like it was carrying gasoline/headed east(?). Deputy went traffic with vehicle at Highway 180 and Casa Loma/everything is okay/the wind is blowing the trailer.

Suspicious vehicle
Wagon Wheel Lane
Advised the vehicle is unoccupied and has been there all day. Brother Bede did call back advising the vehicle is not stolen and they will get it moved as soon as possible.

Manzano Rojo – San Lorenzo
Caller advised his first wife is accusing, via messaging, his current wife of sexually molesting the kids. Deputy advised to pend for the night.

Welfare check
Cottage San Road
Male is in the roadway trying to "fight" cars/he's wearing a yellow vest and pushing a bicycle/he is walking into oncoming traffic. Another caller advised the male is walking up to houses and being aggressive with homeowners. A caller from Bear Mountain advised he is still being aggressive. Deputy advised negative contact with male/out at the Bear Mountain Lodge walking around.

Accident-property damage
Dollar General
Caller advised he hit a deer/no damage to vehicle/deer needs to be put down. Deputy advised deer was put down and moved from the roadway.

Wednesday, Oct. 20

Game and Fish
2069 Cottage San Road – Silver Star
Caller advised someone threw a dead deer under her car trying to hide it/she can't move her van now. Deputy advised clear/they removed the deer prior to arrival.

Welfare check
Hermana Street – Arenas Valley
Caller advised a 50-year-old female has not answered her phone or contacted family for a few days. Deputy advised everything is okay/she doesn't have a phone right now/will go to daughter's and make a call to caller.

Mental health complaint
Turkey Creek Road – Gila
Caller reported a male stole something then left.

Welfare check
Chalcopyrite Court – Tyrone
Caller is unable to get hold of a 73-year-old male since yesterday/male stated a few weeks ago about thinking about suicide/he did buy a tank of helium gas from Walmart stating that was the easiest way to kill himself/did attempt knocking on his door also.

Welfare check
Broken Arrow Drive – Silver Acres
Caller advised a named female was refused custody of her daughter and stated she would kill herself. Deputy made contact with the female who is okay and stated she did not want to hurt herself.

Criminal trespass warning
Rusty Dime Road – Arenas Valley
Caller advised they had subject coming through the property on a motorcycle/they are currently stuck on Rusty Dime Road/broken down right now/want subject issued a CTW for the property/it's a frequent occurrence. Deputies advise male was bringing bike back to the owner spoke to caller/negative on a CTW.

Domestic disturbance
Burnham Street – Arenas Valley
Out with a named male /possible arrest. Deputy advised both parties separating for the night/everything is okay. Caller was getting into a verbal argument with her boyfriend/clear.

Tyrone Park
Caller advised someone is possibly following him through Tyrone in a gold or tan lifted Ford pickup/male started to yell and cuss at him.

Welfare check
Caller advised that a named male called her from GCDC advising his hernia ruptured and they are refusing to get him medical treatment.

Domestic disturbance
Highway 15 – Pinos Altos
Caller advised a male and a female are yelling and physically fighting/can hear a baby crying/it is the Continental RV Park/male is throwing around a female in the trailer. Caller called back advising the female is beating the male and the male has a baby in his arms.

Thursday, Oct. 21

Criminal trespass warning
Agua Blanca – Hurley
Caller advised her daughter came over to the home and broke a window attempting to gain entry into the house/she already left/unknown where to.

Welfare check
Grant County Airport -- Whitewater Road
Advised he was looking for a white Dodge Charger/he was contacted by GCSO that a female was seen walking away from it looking distressed. Deputy had negative contact/units clear.

Unattended death
Little Walnut Road
Caller advised his 70-year-old wife on hospice passed away/she is getting cold at this time and not breathing. Deputy advised this female was not on hospice, she was on home health/caller thought they were the same thing.

Game and Fish
Highway 90 @ Separ Road
Deer that needs to be put down/it keeps trying to get up.

DV order violation
Cuprite Court – Tyrone
Caller advised that a named male and a named female have a DV order and the male is at the house/he is not causing issues/unknown if he left. Deputy advised clear/advised male left the residence.

Prescott Street
Deputy made contact with caller who stated that her neighbors and other people that live in the area always yell and harass her about not picking up her dog's poop. She stated she is the only one that picks it up and she doesn't know why they always yell at her. She then stated they even . . .

Unwanted subject
Valle de Uvas – Upper Mimbres
A named couple are on her property and they are refusing/she is afraid of them/they are currently in her driveway/dark Dodge SUV and a white 4dr car/they are there to get the car which is broken down on her property/they are now getting ready to leave.

Welfare check
T&M Dairy Road – Hanover
Caller advised she is getting calls from family members worried about the kids, ages 7- or 8- to 12-years-of-age, who are living outside of an abandoned house/they are living with no electricity/no water, and no heat/they have no place to sleep.

Criminal sexual penetration
Western Drive
SCPD officer out with an arrestee claiming a killing happened at a Western Drive address/advise SASS has been called by GRMC.

Suspicious vehicle
300 16th Street
Out with a vehicle with its trunk open. He is at the gym cleaning/he will go and shut the trunk.