Friday, Nov. 29

Criminal damage to property
N. Gold Street
Officer advised it appears someone did damage to the residence.

W. 6th Street
No narrative.

N. Gold Street
Caller advised there is damage to his duplex.

Domestic disturbance
N. Gold Street
Caller advised her husband is trying to kick her out of the residence/advised he pushed her and the line disconnected. Officer made contact with both parties.

Domestic disturbance
Cielo Azul Street
Female caller was choked out by a named male/male left the property/walking toward the Rec Center/he was cutting himself on his stomach/he wanted to kill himself because she wanted to break up with him.

Suspicious vehicle
Mountain View Road
Caller advised a white van that was parked at the walking trail all night is driving and looking around at peoples' property with binoculars. Officer made contact with the male who will be leaving the area/he was looking at the view.

Unwanted subject
N. Swan Street
A named female is causing problems with him/she is outside yelling and screaming/caller is not going outside. Officer advised clear/she left the property/will do frequent patrols throughout the night.

Domestic disturbance
1060 E. Highway 180
Caller advised a named female showed up to her house after a domestic altercation with her husband. Officer has contact with the female on Highway 180 and Mountain View Road.

Unwanted subject
1120 E. Highway 180
Advised that LE dropped this female off and she doesn't have any money and now asking guests for money/at the back door yelling. Officer had negative contact with the female.

2501 E. Highway 180
Officer advised a female walked out without paying for her stuff. Officer had negative contact with the female/employee will call when video is ready.

Welfare check
116 S. Bullard Street – Sierra House
A female who has been there for a while is not acting normal/she is just sitting there smiling and not talking. Officer advised the 60-year-old female does want to be checked out by EMS.

Domestic disturbance
Pinos Altos Road
Can hear a lot of arguing on the phone. Caller advised a named female and a named male are fighting. Officer had contact with the female.

Saturday, Nov. 27

Welfare check
N. Swan and E. Kelly streets
Advised a female is crying. Officer requested ambulance for female cold without shirt and disoriented/en route to Holiday Inn.

Unwanted subject
Cactus Street
Caller advised a very loud domestic is going on in the house across the street from him/can hear yelling and things crashing. Officer made contact with male and he left.

Domestic disturbance
1040 E. Highway 180
Advised a named male and a named female are arguing in this room. Officer advised male left prior to arrival/female didn't answer the door/if contact with Eric Lopez he is to be issued a CTW for Motel 6.

Langstroth Drive
Caller advised their 13-year-old son is autistic and has been to the hospital and they released him/he is now home and causing issues/he is threatening everyone in the house/he has barricaded himself in the bedroom. Caller advised they no longer know how to deal with the issue/he is high-functioning but is now amped up and will not calm down/he is locked in his room/he is banging stuff and throwing stuff.

3025 E. Highway 180
Advised that a male took tweezers and they have camera footage. Officer advised in the video a male was observed throwing an empty package of the tweezers on the floor then proceeding to pay for the rest of his . . .

Accident-property damage
200 N. Bullard Street
Advised the accident took place yesterday.

2501 E. Highway 180 – 4:59 p.m.
Dark green Honda Civic/does not have headlights on headed east. Officer advised clear/advised them to call when video is ready.

Welfare check
Church of the Nazarene
Caller advised the church is out of power/it seems everyone else on Mountain View Road still has power. Officers out ATL.

Unwanted subject
1313 E. 32nd Street
Advised a male is curled up on the floor/not causing any problems/they just need him to leave. Officer advised one in unit en route to a W. Market Street address.

Unwanted subject
Gough Park
Caller advised a male with a large stick and wearing a black hoodie is antagonizing people at the park. Officer out with the male/everything is okay/male is intoxicated/he did advise he will leave people alone.

Welfare check
2711 Leslie Road – Lintero Apartments
Advised that a neighbor went over and advised caller's mother not to answer the door the rest of the night because "someone is coming for her." Caller advised an hour after the neighbor left someone was trying to open the door. Officer made contact with owner of nearby apartment.

Unwanted subject
1040 E. Highway 180
Caller advised a named male is at the hotel harassing her employee. Officer issued ATL for Cory Maldonado/if contact is made stop and issue CTW.

Sunday, Nov. 28

Welfare check
1414 Little Walnut Road – Silver Cliff Apartments
Advised a male is lying in the gravel and it looks like there is blood next to him/can hear him snoring and can see him move every once in a while. Officer requested ambulance for a juvi male who is passed out.

Domestic disturbance
N. Corbin Street
Caller advising she and a named male were just having a verbal argument/she is waiting for a friend to pick her up/he was throwing her things out of their bedroom/they are separated/she is in the living room and he is in the bedroom. Officer on scene.

Unattended death
1600 16th Street – 10:47 a.m.
Caller advised a named male has not been heard from in five days/he is a diabetic/they can hear the phone ringing when at his front door. Dispatch made contact with a named female to get a key for the room.

Welfare check
1600 16th Street – 1:10 p.m.
Officer advised did make contact with tenant here/everything is okay.

Criminal trespass warning
610 Silver Heights Blvd.
Advised they want a CTW issued to a male who is in front of the building who they suspect of shoplifting in the past. Officers issued CTWs to Sadie Percla and Matthew Knight for CVS.

Welfare check
N. Swan and E. 13th streets
Red SUV with all the windows broken out/male in the vehicle/advised they tried to wake him up and he did not wake up. Officer advised female advised if husband is found can she come and pick up his phone/advised to disregard/male found his phone.

Unwanted subject
2711 Leslie Road – Lintero Apartments
Caller advised that her female friend came over and is highly intoxicated and refusing to leave/she is leaving in a dark Toyota 4dr/she does keep returning and will call again if she comes back.

2501 E. Highway 180
Caller advised a female is threatening staff/she has taken items in the past. Officer advised negative contact/put out ATL for Sara Peterson/if contact is made issue indefinite CTW to Walmart.

Welfare check
3514 Fowler Avenue
Caller from GRMC advised they have been trying to call the Silver City Care Center for some time and nobody is answering. Officer advised everything is okay/they are going to call GRMC.

Domestic disturbance
N. Gold Street
Caller advised her two sons are fighting/they are physically fighting outside. Caller then stated send somebody then disconnected the line. Officer had negative contact with any fight.

Criminal trespass warning
Durango Street
Caller advised she wants a CTW placed on a named male/last seen walking toward Motel 6. Officer advised put out ATL for Anthony Alviso/if contact is made issue indefinite CTW to the address.

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